Do We Really Pay


The old saying that I keep hearing is “what goes around, comes around,” and that “karma is a bitch.” There are a lot of rationalizations that people use to condemn the behavior of other people who they think did them wrong. All this stuff reeks of  duality, the concept that is prevalent in every culture with the exception of the atheists who truly do not understand their spirituality; then again those who profess to be spiritual do not understand their own spirituality either; nor do they have ethics or morals. What! you don’t believe what I say? Well you don’t have too; I’ll just point my finger and say look at the leaders who you call the Pastor, Reverend, Iman, Rabbi, Pope, or whatever they are called. Are these leaders really the example of morality, ethics? What is for sure it is considered that the concept of karma do not apply to them because they profess to be the vessel of the divine as if it grants them some type of immunity.

war perp
OK, according to karma the perpetrators of war, criminal acts, non-conformists and the rule breakers will not fare so well in the next life. The meek and those who follow society’s rules and regulations will be the one who will be rewarded. Well not in the physical world of human existence.
No comment on the perpetrators of war, criminals whatever they do as long as justice is fairly applied they will answer for the crimes. As far as the non-conformists is concerned, if it wasn’t for them there would be no change in a society’s way of life. Lots of revolutionary change attributed to them.
The meek and those who follow the rules and regulations tend to be those who are most likely get screwed and bullied. They depend on others and do not question authorities even in the face of injustice, abuse of authority; they go with whoever the status quo of the day is instead of taking a position. Well, Dante has explained that the meek and those who took no position in life is made to suffer in the 2nd circle of hell. For them karma is a bitch.

Karma Chameleon



  1. Such a subject is always a complicated one. But, let’s be honest. There is a price to everything, even if it’s not apparent. The followers are mindless and suffer within their own hell so to speak. Those who are corrupt earn a special place for leading others down their negative path. Those radicals who fight against the conformity and the unjust, are rewarded but only if they use their radical thoughts to cause change in a healthy way. What that healthy way is? I dunno. Needless to say, we all pay.


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