Group Counseling

I was at home sitting in front of my computer and monitors. I had some type of counseling appointment. I didn’t want anyone else in the house to know that I had this type of appointment.

When it was time for the appointment, my son came into the room. I did not want him to be in the room while I had my appointment. I quickly minimized the screen and asked him what he wants.

He wanted to use my computer because something happened to his. I told him that he cannot use my computer right now because I am using it. He said some smart remark, pointing out that I am not using the computer now. I told him to get out the room, he became angry, so I pushed him out.

I went back to the appointment, then my son’s mother came into the room. I don’t know what she wanted, and my son came in behind her. They interrupted the counseling session. It looks like they discovered what I was doing. Then I saw the cat come in the room. Then I found that all of us was sitting on a couch and the cat was sitting on the couch’s left arm next to me.

The counselor on the monitor was saying something which I did not quite grasp. There was some mention that my son had a bad temper, even though in reality he doesn’t. There were other things being said, unfortunately what was said was too distorted to make any conscious sense out of it.

This dream was quite a coincident, I was scheduled to join a Veterans group counseling which is scheduled to take place in a few days.

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