Pet Burial

This experience was influenced by some pictures that I came across on the internet. I saw those pictures a couple of days before this experience took place. It was about how some pet owners reacted when their pet died.

There were pictures of the owners grieving over the pet’s dead bodies in various settings. Like in the Veterinarian’s office while the pet is being put to sleep. Some took pictures of the dead pet in a grave that the owner dug in the back yard. Stuff that will tug your heart strings.

It got me thinking about the pets that I used to have, and how they died. Which brings me of the pet that I have today. He has just reached the age of fifteen years old, which is old for its species. He is up there in age and old age will claim him soon, it he does not catch some type of aliment before that happens. Animals tend to get sick when they get older. Sometimes, you are left with the choice to end their suffering and have them put to sleep before the time of their natural death.  

Anyway, in this experience I had a pet dog that died, me and my family was to bury the dog. There was a square hole in front of my apartment building. The hole was left open by workmen who dug it to repair a water pipe. I was confused, why wasn’t we burying the dog in the back garden?  My father said that we are burying the dog out front, because a hole was already there. We put the dog in the hole, and we were standing around the hole with our heads bowed. Then my mother mentioned that we should pray.

While we were praying over the deceased dog, an old lady came by. She was a member of a church. The old lady said now that we are praying, we should move around so that we can catch the spirit. Nobody didn’t want to do anything.

We started filling in the hole with paper instead of dirt, then when the hole was a quarter filled with paper, my father squirted lighter fluid on the paper and threw a lit match on it. There was a fire in the hole; I said “I thought we were burying the dog, not cremating it.”

After the fire burnt itself out,  we covered up the hole. Then the old lady went behind me and took my cell phone. She said that I would have to come up to the church to get it.

When I was at the church, she said that I would have to make a donation. Then there was another lady standing behind me, she said that she checked my phone and saw that I have some money. That I could afford to make a donation. In return they will give me a raffle ticket.

I asked the lady, how could they tell that I have money, the phone is not a wallet. The old woman said, “stop playing games, I know you have some money.” She attempted to put her hands in my pocket. Her hands never really went in my pocket.  I had some small bills in my pocket, so I gave them $15.00 and in return I was given back my phone and they gave me a raffle ticket.             

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