This dream started off with a scene from the past, I saw images of a young Dominican woman I met when I was much younger. She was maybe 4 or 5 years younger than me and she was about 6 to 7 months pregnant. However, she was still game, she still had needs, I had needs too, and she was willing to satisfy both of our needs. After a couple of days talking to her, we spent the night together having sex. The following day, I was to take her and drop her back to the area where she lives.

This is where past reality turned to dream. We got out in front of my building, she said that she had cooked me something, and left it on the stove under a low setting, and that it will be fully cooked by the time I dropped her off and get back.

My car was parked in front of the building; I saw that my car was a car I had in the past, it was a grey 1987 Nissan Integra, 2 door, manual transmission, but in the dream the car appeared glossy shiny black. I opened the passenger side door for her, and she got in the car. Before I closed the car door, I told her I forgot something upstairs and that I will be back down in a few minutes.

I went upstairs for the reason to turn off the stove, I don’t trust that if someone isn’t home to attend to cooking a meal, that it is a recipe for disaster; I don’t want my apartment to catch fire and burn while I’m gone.

After I turned off the stove, and opened the apartment’s door to head out, I was met by the Landlord and his wife. They had someone with them, he had a suitcase and they said that the dude is going to be my roommate.  

I was not happy when I heard that they told this person that he could live in my apartment, I particularly don’t like to share the apartment with anyone. I’ve had bad experience with roommates in the past. I argued with the Landlord and said that he should have asked me if I wanted a roommate. All the rooms are being used. Plus, I threw out the bed sofa that was in the living room. But lucky I have a new sofa, that he can stay the night, until the landlord finds him another place to stay.

When I went downstairs, I found that the car was gone and no longer in front of the building. I was walking up and around to see if I can find where the car went.

I came across two kids sticking their heads out of a gate covered in leaves. They had a cat whose head was also sticking out the gate. The cat had a leash around its neck and the kid was pulling it so tight that the cat’s tongue was sticking out of its mouth. 

I did not like what I saw, so I went to up to the house to see if I can stop those kids from torturing the cat. I went to the side and I saw a man and two more kids.

The man had something that looked like a thin bamboo cane. The sort that can bend, and he was thrashing a small dog with it. The dog looked like a Cocker Spaniel, then he put the dog on its back, the cocker spaniel had its legs pointed in the air and the man began to scrub its paws. Then he started to declaw the dog.

I was going to go inside the yard to stop the abuse, but somebody (an unknown figure) held me back, and said that if I go into the yard, that there will be a lot of problems that I won’t be able to deal with. Let the Police handle it. I don’t recall if the Police were called, all I know is that I never called the Police. I was too angry to do it. I just left.

Then I went back on my block, and I saw my car. The Dominican woman was in it and she had her mother and sister in the back seat. When I went to the car and asked the woman why she left without me. She said that I was upstairs too long and that she had to be somewhere, and she got her Mother and Sister while she was doing what she was doing….

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