92 Skeletons

On September 4, 1954 Santiago flight 513 took off from Aachen, Germany to its destination to Poroto Alegre, Brazil with a total of 88 passengers. When the plane was over the Atlantic Ocean it disappeared, yet, the same flight was detected on radar over Poroto Alegre Brazil. Since the airline was off course and unidentified it was ordered to land at the Poroto Alegre airport. The date that this occurred was October 12, 1989.

After the plane landed no one disembarked and there was no more response on the radio. Airport officials noticed that the aircraft was the type that is no longer in service, and that the registration number listed the aircraft missing 35 years ago. After the airport officials boarded the plane they found that the skeletons of crew and passengers sitting in place.

 There are many questions concerning this event. First, how could the plane disappear and re-appear 35 years later? How did the Pilot’s skeleton land the plane?

Perhaps the Brazilian and American government already has the answers. True_George speculates that the plane might have landed, but had a functioning crew and living passengers. The crew and passengers were probably questioned, and the crew and passengers told what they experienced in the sky. The Pilot probably gave them the flight instrumental data and the black box recorded the position and path the flight took.

The crew and passengers were debriefed and told that they cannot contact their families and allowed to live out their lives someplace.

What is going around is that the whole thing was a hoax and that the landing of Santiago flight 513 didn’t happen. Then again, the world’s governments are still disavowing existence or extraterrestrials; they cover up many things that don’t fit in the model that the world’s religions indoctrinate their followers. Until the records are declassified, things like this will remain a mastery

The other talk is that the plane may have entered a time warp or worm hole and even though 35 years passed in real time. On the plane the time that passed was only hours. Findind the skeletons in place instead of live people was something cooked up by the government to keep the real story from the public.

Either way; whatever spin you put on this, all roads lead to government cover up.


  1. Hello True George,

    I do not think that I have heard about this one before, I could be wrong, thank you for sharing.

    Also, I just found out that episode 1 of Westworld Season 3 was released today.

    -John Jr

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