In this experience I saw scenery that looked like a vast park then I saw a figure that looked familiar to me. In fact he looked like my old buddy J P the hypnotist. We were talking about something which was not entirely clear to me.  Suddenly there was an abrupt scenery change and I found that I was in an RV with someone who had some type of memory blockage.

I was hypnotizing him to help him regain his memories. I got stuck and J.P was assisting me. While speaking with the subject he was connected to an overhead projector. When I put the subject under hypnosis the overhead projector visually showed everything that the subject was thinking.

 I got the feeling that I was being watched. I looked at the door, and I could see a man wearing a black suit peeking his head in the room to observe what were we were doing. I could see his face but before I could identify who he was he quickly moved his head out of view. He was attempting to be inconspicuous but I knew he was still there because I could see his arm and the sleeve of the black jacket. The subject started to talk about extraterrestrials how they were everywhere. Now I realized why the men in black were around…

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