Up Rising

This dream reminded me of something I read in a book written by Zora Neale Hurson a couple of years ago. The particular book was written in the 1930’s about a burial ritual done in the Caribbean that she documented.

The actual dream started out with me looking down on a construction site. I saw that the workers discovered a tomb. When they opened the tomb they unveiled two coffins that had the intact preserved corpse of two people. The workers left the coffins untouched.

But at night when the construction site is deserted the corpse of the two people rose up and started a reign of terror. The Workers called the Police, but the Police did not want to touch the corpse; since the corpse rose they thought that they would become victims. The solution that the Police brass thought pf was to call in a Hunter. Not just any Hunter, but one who specialized in tracking down creatures of the supernatural.   

The Hunter came down and he got an idea to end the rising dead’s reign of terror. He used a technique to nail the corpse clothing on the coffin’s floor; and to put a mask on the face of the corpse. A wet mask to keep them grounded. It was the burial ritual that Zora Neale Hurson documented during her trip to the Caribbean.   

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