The biggest thing that is going around social media is that the origins of the COVID-19 Corona virus that is plaguing the world is a direct result of 5G transmission. Someone even sent me a 32 minute video talking about the creation of the COVID-19 was manufactured by the body as a response to fighting off the effects of 5G transmission.

Does anyone smell what the Rock is cooking? If you do, does it smell like burnt food? Well True_George is weighing this claim that the COVID-19 and 5G are connected.

The 32 minute video was posted by a dude on his Facebook page; he made a claim that You Tube took the video down. He believes the claims so now he is passing it around on Face Book.

In the first statement the video says that the virus itself is not the problem and doubts whether it is as contagious has it is purported to be. The virus itself is the body’s reaction to “radio spectrum radiation” He said that everywhere where 5G transmission is installed the COVID-19 death rate is high.

There are claims that there were three pandemics in the last 120 years. The Spanish flu in 1918; which coincide with the world’s implementation of radio waves and electricizing. After installation Millions of people died of the Spanish flu within 6 months.

After World War II with the world wide implementation of the radar it coincide with the deaths of people from anther pandemic as satellites went up in the air in the Van Halen Belt. 

During the 1960’s pandemic of the Hong Kong flu emerged when an additional amount of satellites were put up in the Van Halen Belt; which emitted more concentration of radar waves.

So now in 2020 the new mode of radio communication is being rolled out. 5G; and the fall out from it is the COVID-19.

It was pointed out that Russia a large country with a large population that has cold weather has not suffered with a large number of COVID-19 fatalities. This is because Russia has not made 5G available for public consumer use. The only ones who have access to 5G in Russia are the military.

Also that the COVID-19 is spread through the testing facilities; that’s right you heard me! The video says that the testing sites are set up for you to be infected with COVID-19 rather then determine if you have it.

Now once a person is infected, a vaccine would be developed. In this instance, the development of a vaccine is goanna come with a hefty price. Such has a microchip infused in the vaccine so when the vaccine is injected in in your body you will be micro chipped.

This means that your movement will be tracked, and other pertinent information about you will be down loaded and is ready for any gov’t or a corporation to access.

Finally, there is an agenda to implement digital currency. The first roll out of digital currency will begin in the U.S and then the rest of the world.

There was some other stuff mentioned, which I won’t go into right now; at this point True_George has pondered the allegations brought up. I say allegations because to me much of it sound like pure nonsense.

Well, first of all, True_George took Biology courses and among the basic biology and genetic information given; an explanation of pathogens and virus as well as the break down in the organism make up. So True_George has enough information on the subject that pandemics and the spreading of contagious diseases have noting to do with the transmission of electricity or the so called radio spectrum radiation.

Now to debunk the foolish notion that pandemics are a result of radiation, electricity, or radio waves. We can go back in time when the world did not have electricity or radio.

Back when the capital city of Turkey was called Constantinople the center of the Byzantine Empire, is where the first recorded pandemic took place around 541 AD; called; “The Plague of Justinian” after Emperor Justinian. It is purported that it started from receiving a bad batch of grain from Egypt. The grain was contaminated with the fleas from the rats that fed on the grain.

This pandemic ran through Europe, North Africa, Asia and Arabia killing an estimated 30 to 50 million people. You know that they did not have the medical technique to deal with the problem. There was no remedy or vaccine developed. The virus ran its course, peaked then finally the number of cases of people infected reduced to the point where it virtually disappeared. Maybe someone gets it once in a while.

800 years later the Justinian pathogen reared its ugly head again. In the 1300’s Europe was struck with a strain of the Justinian plague called “The Black Death (Bubonic).” It was given that name because the victim would be covered in black boils that had pus and blood oozing out of them by the time the victim died.  

There was little advancement in medicine so there was no effective treatment. Usually those that cared for the sick would end up getting the disease. This pandemic was so prevalent that it wiped out 40% of Europe. Historians say that it took well over 2oo years for Europe to recover.

Especially hit hard by the Black Death was London, England and Venice, Italy; but the Black Death did mange to make its way through China, India, Egypt, Syria and Persia (Iran).

But one thing that came out of the Black Death was the concept of quarantine; isolating Sailors on arriving merchant ships for a period of time.  This was instrumental in slowing down the pathogen. Even though the plague ran its course and the number of cases dropped; the pathogen was not eradicated. The pathogen shows up various times between generations for centuries. Even today in the 21st century where antibiotics is successful in treating the plague every year there are a few thousand cases.

The next pandemic that hit was Small pox. Even though this disease was a regular feature in Europe; when the Europeans came to the Americas among other types of virus the most devastating was Small Pox.

The indigenous people of the Americas had zero immunity to any of the viruses that the Europeans brought with them. Many died from just catching the common cold; but Small Pox in particular is responsible for eradicating entire tribes in the tens of millions in the areas we now call United States and Mexico.

Fortunately a vaccine was developed out of milder Cow Pox virus; it came a point where small pox was completely eradicated with zero cases reported; at least according to the World Health Organization (WHO).     

Between the 18th and turn of the 20th Century there have been outbreaks on a pandemic scale but not to the degree of devastation the Black Death and Small Pox caused.   Those pandemic were Cholera, Typhus, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Malaria and Yellow fever. Each one had their run before they were controlled; but not to the extent of eradication.

Then as mentioned the outbreak of the Spanish Flu after World War I and the Hong Kong Flu came during the 1960’s…

So now that a picture is painted that pandemic outbreak really has nothing to do with electronic transmission, radio wave spectrum or even cellular transmission. It has everything to do with behavior, and the interaction of parasites (virus) in the human body.

Behavior wise, poor hygiene, environmental sanitation practices, war are ingredients that spread diseases. So does irresponsible social activity and poverty conditions help parasites (virus) spread.

Inasmuch as the biology reactions that electronic transmission frequencies and radio wave frequencies brings. It has nothing to do with viruses or the spreading of pathogens. So don’t fall for claims that 5G is the cause for today’s problem with the Corona virus.

As far as micro chipping and the development of digital currency is concerned.  Those plans were already in the works; and the plans would have eventually been rolled out gradually.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 the opportunity has been presented to implement those plans sooner rather than later. This is another consequence of the new world order.

As far as the claim that testing sites are set up with the goal of infecting people with the COVID-19; well there is no real evidence that makes this claim hold water.

But if ya’ll want to ponder about a conspiracy; consider this. It is interesting that explosion of pandemics have one thing in common. By now I hope that it is understood that it has nothing to do with radio waves, electronic transmission, or radio spectrum radiation. That common denominator is the European. So the real question is; “what is it about the European and the acceleration of pathogens?”

Go ahead, spin your theories; cook up your ingredients and perhaps this will be topic for another time.  


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