This one was influenced by the Terracotta Army; the thousands of life size clay figures of Soldiers, horses and chariots. The figures were curved around the mausoleum of China’s first Qin Dynasty Emperor.  Plus some Indiana Jones adventure; not sure what took place during the day that made the subconscious come up with this theme.

It involves being trapped in a cave with a group of resurrected soldiers they looked like clay figured Warriors of the Terracotta Army. They were being manipulated by an Archaeologist who excavated the area and found them.

When they were resurrected they signed a kind of stick; a contract that that they agreed to be indentured to the person that resurrected them. They had to be stopped before they could get out of the cavern.

The Archaeologist was taken out, killed by my hand and in an effort to control the Warriors  I disguised myself as the Archaeologist, but the Warriors had some sort of intelligence and they wasn’t falling for it. They came after me; I had a spear to fend them off but they kept on coming rushing me; I stabbed one and he turned back to clay and I stabbed a second, third fourth, fifth, sixth, but they were too much coming. I knew I couldn’t stab a hundred before being overrun.

Lucky for me that my partner infiltrated the Terracotta Army he was disguised as a warrior. He did something that drew their attention, but even with the distraction they were too numerous to kill….

The mind wonders how I got to this point in the first place. It all started when I got a call from the lady who goes around making sure these phenomenal of resurrecting artifacts don’t get out of hand. She taught me on how to handle the Warriors and about the stick that resurrected them. She gave me a custom made stick which was the reason why I was able to trick the Archaeologist and take over. But it didn’t entirely work because I did not get total control of the warriors……

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