The Urge

I was in bed waiting for my girlfriend FT; I felt kind of tired. I wasn’t feeling physical tired, but mentally. The heat was coming up strong and it made the room uncomfortable. I put on the two fans that I keep in my bedroom. For some reason the air condition unit never works when it is cold outside. The fans provided some type of comfort from the heat. I don’t know how long it took for me to fall asleep, all I know that one moment I was awake, the next I was having a lucid dream experience.

I was in a car; the car wouldn’t start it made no sense why the car wouldn’t start. The reason why was not really clear; there were two versions of me turning the ignition key of the car. The engine would not turn over. I had some passengers and even though the car was giving trouble and couldn’t turn over when we got out the car we were at a destination.

The next scene, I saw looked like a version of the gov’t office where I work has a gov’t bureaucrat. There was some trouble signing in on the electronic time clock. It needed to be fixed. But I saw that every gov’t worker was assigned their own personal time clock. The time clock wasn’t working probably, and then an engineer came and said that the time clock should be covered up. I said if the clock is covered-up how are we going to see to punch in?

 I was examining the clock’s cover; I discovered that the cover has a Velcro covering on top where you could pull it open to expose the clock’s face. Now I understand that to get to use the clock all we had to do is pull the Velcro lid and clock in and then put the lid back on.

Then I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I was going to a bathroom on the floor where I work, but the Custodian said that the bathrooms were just cleaned and they are closed. I decided to take the elevator to another floor to use the bathroom.

The Custodian said that all the bathrooms are closed. But I wanted to see if I could get over, I went to take the elevator. The elevator looked like a see through iron dome. Like the ones I see in a 1930’s science fiction flick. There were people in the elevator and the Custodian went in the elevator reminding me that the bathrooms on the other floors are also closed. She went in the elevator but before I went into the elevator the elevator doors closed and the elevator went up.

I said to myself; fuck it I’m going to sneak upstairs and use the bathroom. I went to the corridor to use the stair case. The corridor changed and started to look like my High School’s corridor; I reached the stair well door which also looked like one of the stairwell doors at my High School. I opened the door and we into the stair well, which also looked like my High School stairwell, except for the stairwell was half the size and I barely fit in it.  I only fit just enough to run up the stairs.

I went up one floor and entered that floor’s corridor; which also looked like the 3rd floor of my high school where the large boy’s bathroom is located. Only, variation of this 3rd floor corridor is that the lighting was dimmed. 

 I got to the bathroom and there was a teenage female in the bathroom; I asked her if anyone else is in here. She said no, I said well, I’m going to use the bathroom in here so don’t come in. It was strange that the bathroom looked like the one in my primary (elementary) school.  

 I shut the stall doors. Then two unidentified people looked over the stall doors. I did know what they wanted I was getting ready to pull my pants down and sit on the bowl. As I was doing that I said to those two people, I don’t know what you want, but now I’m about to take a dump.

When I was getting ready to sit on the bowl, I physically felt a hand squeeze my nose, then brushed my lips with force and held my throat. This jolted me out of the dream state and sleep. I felt that a hand was there and immediately positioned my hands in a defensive posture to get the hand to release.     

I found that no one was there. My thoughts were, it’s that spirit that usually wakes me up when I’m not supposed to be asleep. But why did he wake me up this way? Perhaps I should purge him out. I didn’t like what was done. But before I could ponder what I should do about this. My girlfriend FT entered the room. Her timing was impeccable.

So my thoughts were; was it a que to wake up because she is coming in the room so that we can do what we do. Or since when one dreams of using a bathroom in a dream; physically the subconscious is giving a message that you’re goanna wet or soil yourself if you don’t wake up and use the bathroom. It has been proven if someone uses the bathroom while asleep the body physically responds.  I was about to use the bathroom in the dream I was getting ready to soil myself in the bed. Because when my girlfriend came in the room, I did have the urge to get up and go use the bathroom which was exactly what I did…

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  1. In my childhood I unfortunately had a problem. I was a bedwetter. I clearly remember dreaming that I was using the bathroom. In most of the dreams I would be using the bathroom while taking a shower. Inevitably I would awaken covered in urine. As I got older the problem went away. Strangely I still sometimes dream that I’m using the bathroom but no longer wet the bed.


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