Elixir: Love Potion

In this day and age of living in a multi culture society like we have here in New York City; it isn’t hard to pick out the common traits that are practiced no matter what type of culture a person comes from. I’m talking about using some sort of elixir.

It comes in all forms, and it varies whether you want a quick remedy for an aliment or want to spice up your drink. Somebody somewhere has some sort of concoction that will do the job. But what I find to be hilarious is the concept of using some sort of elixir to capture one’s emotions or heart.  

Did I just kick your brain to engage the thinking gear? I hope so, but I won’t leave you in suspense. Let’s just say that women from all over want the same thing and they use a similar method to get what they want. That is to mix up some sort of love potion.

Love potions are as old as the existence of humans. Usually some sort of herbs mixed together with the secretion of body fluids from the female genitals. It could be a combination of animal parts, and some hard to get plant or secretion from an insect coupled with the female body fluids. The potion is designed to have the male fall in love with the female.

But what is certain is that depending on the mixture the love potion can be an aphrodisiac that can physically stimulate the male’s organs that he believes that he gets that enhanced feeling only when he is with that particular woman; the one who gave him the potion.

How it works is the portion is added to a drink or food, or perhaps rubbed on while the male is asleep. If the potion works it results in increased sexual activity as stimulated by the aphrodisiac. Many think that feeling the body sensations that often comes with sexual activity is supposed to be equated with love, especially if the type of sensation felt is unique to the person that you are with.  

I suppose the method to this madness is that the male will get addicted through the increased sexual activity. Trust me ladies when I say that your pum pum is like a drug; the more you give it, the more it is wanted. That is if your significant other actual likes you for reasons other than just the sex. Otherwise feeling sensations is just purely physical; and the love potion doesn’t make a person love you.        

So guys if you haven’t heard about it, then ask your wives or girlfriends. That is if they want to even admit it; they may feel that you will get the idea that they gave you some sort of potion at some point in the relationship.

Yes, it is hard to imagine that given the level of education many still turn to the old ways to get someone to fall in love with them. So when your mother tells you not to go to someone’s house and eat their food or drink their drinks without knowing who they are; listen to her, she knows what she is talking about.

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