Have you ever been to a park or play ground where there is some type of team sports going on. Back in my time as an impressionable youth I used to go to the grounds to meet friends to play football, also known as soccer. This was the love of my life, playing this game every day in season and off season. Sunshine, rain or snow even when friends weren’t around and there was a group of people playing; I always found that I could have a game with them too.

Back in high school I was on my school’s varsity soccer team; and later on the track team. Yeah I was a pretty good athlete, giving the best competition. Yet star status always eluded me. All I can say to this effect is that those who beat me on the track worked very hard to get that victory.

Lessons were learned during those times; how a coach will push you to achieve. That what you thought was your limitations was just a matter of belief the coach taught you that you can go beyond what you think is your limit.

The world that we live in is very competitive and in order to live life to the fullest one needs to be able to compete with others.  I believe that if everyone had the experience of being coached on a team they would at least know what it feels like to work for the victory. The satisfaction when you overcome being the underdog and coming out on top because of your drive and preservation.      


  1. I have to say I’ve always hated team sports being the loner that I am. But I’ve had to ‘coach’ myself to achieve all I want to in the hills – especially in Scotland where the distances are hard and vast and the hills much bigger!


      • About the only 2 things we played were ’rounders’ (bit like baseball) in the soft sand on the beach – absolute murder – you were more worried about your leg ache than the team sports! And also ‘Murder Ball’ which was rugby without rules. As it was so violent, the women played in women-only teams and the men stuck to men-only teams. We didn’t really have injuries but the guys used to end up with broken bones!

        I was good at murder ball in a strange kind of way. If I had the ball, you wouldn’t get it off me. If someone else had the ball, I would get it. The only problem was I only recognised the ownership of the ball and not the teams as such. Many a time, I’d beat the ball off someone and then hear everyone screaming “She’s on our side!” LOL


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