I was in my room in bed when I heard the door open. Perhaps it was the cat trying to open the door because I heard him meowing before I heard the door open. Perhaps that cat wanted me to get up and feed him. But I knew that cat couldn’t open the door because I had the latch on so that he won’t be able to come into the room. Perhaps it was a spirit attempting to intrude on me.

I got up out the bed and flew across the room and through the drapes separating the room in half. When I got to the second half of the room, it was set up how I had it a couple of years ago with my desk and computer in the corner.

There was a small candle on the desk. I swept through that half of the room, and then the other half. I did not detect any spiritual intruder. I went back onto my bed, and laid on my back. This is when I noticed that there was a small fire on the drapes. I must have turned the candle over and when I flew sweeping the room for the spiritual intruder, the wind must have carried the flame to the drapes.

 I quickly moved to put out the fire. When I put it out, I saw another smaller fire on a different part of the drapes.  I managed to put that out too. Then I saw various small fires around the room; so I was flying around putting them out.

I saw a plant that I used to have in the room, and I saw another plant in the corner. I decided to use the water from the verse to put out the fires. I took the plants out the verse and put out the fires. The last  fires were on the window curtains, after I put those fires out, the window sill and below was burnt black.

 I said to myself I wonder what the landlord is going to say when he sees this. I looked out the window and saw a fire truck in front of my building.  I looked across the street and saw that the big building directly facing my building was engulfed in flames. There was nothing the fire department could do. The building just burned up.

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