Grey Shadow Figure

It was pretty late before I retired for the night;  I was working on the internet fielding some ideas for the cover of the dark stories that I plan to publish.  Plus I wanted to participate in a word press daily prompt challenge. Then I went to the kitchen to get a drink and decided to wash the dirty dishes in the sink. It was 5:00am when I finished doing everything.   

Once in the bed it wasn’t too long before the body was asleep. In this instance when my body was sleep my mind was still awake and there was some type of conscious awareness of the environment.

I could hear myself snoring; then what surprised me was that I saw the outline of a person looking down at me. It was kind of like a greyish silhouette rather than a dense shadowy figure.  My first thoughts were to attempt to move the body. But then my second thoughts were to wait and see what is the tis being’s intention.

The being was looking down and then it started to do some type of examination and had some sort of instrument that it was putting in my mouth. I physically felt the instrument being inserted in mouth. Maybe it wanted to get a look at my throat.

At this point I felt violated; I resented that this being can just come and do a medical examination without my permission.  I decided to let this presence know that I don’t appreciate what it is doing. But, I always make the same mistake when I attempt to physically do something. 

What I attempted to do was hit it; and of course, the being did not have a full physical appearance. Perhaps my astral body could have touched it, but the emotions got the better of me and the body woke up.

After a few minutes, the body was back asleep. The same phoneme of the body asleep and mind awake took place. I could hear the body start to snore.

After wards, another being entered and was at my bed side. It never looked down at me directly; it only stayed to the side. I decided not to do anything hasty. Then this being kind of brushed my lower lip on the right side. When it did that I physically felt it. Then the body stopped snoring.  After that the being disappeared….

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