Jack Knifed

During this lock down period I’ve been assigned to do government bureaucratic work in the comfort of my home. This also allows me to be able to put in some extra days at the second gig after I sign out from doing my government duties. On this particular day I decided to lay down before to going out to the second gig.  

Once I laid down, it wasn’t too long before I started to see some images. It started out with me giving SH one of my managing gov’t bureaucrats a lift home which I sometimes do in the real world. But in this experience I expressed some sort of feelings to her. After expressing those feelings we ended up back at my place; in my bed room where we ended up having sex.

But before we started I told her that I’m going to put a coat hanger on the latch so that nobody would come into the room while we are doing our thing.

While we were having sex, I felt a breeze which prompted me to look if the door had jarred open. But when I got off the bed I saw some children playing in the room. In this experience I felt that the children were somehow related to me; perhaps Nephews and Nieces.

I became annoyed that children were playing in my room, especially when I’m having sex with someone. This was not the place they should be at this time.  I went out the room only to find that some relatives were visiting. My son told me that he went to my room to check if I was there to let me know that we had visitors.

He said that he checked my room door and could not open it so he used something and dislodged the coat hanger that I put on the door latch to keep people from coming in.  After the coat hanger was dislodged the children went into the room to play.

 I told him in a stern voice that when the door is lodged shut you know dam well that I am in the room; that the children should not have been allowed to come into the room, especially while I was in there having sex with someone.

I saw the children’s parents, and I started to shout at them for allowing their children to enter my room. I was so annoyed I eventually told every out to get the fuck out of my apartment. They started to argue while leaving the apartment.

The scene of us arguing was so loud the other tenants in the building opened their doors to see what all the commotion was. They were watching the argument shaking their head after I shouted to them to mind their own business.

Then I told SH the managing gov’t bureaucrat to put on her clothes so that I can take her home. When we went outside in the street; we saw another one of the supervising gov’t bureaucrats. She was having some sort of dispute over a parking spot with someone driving a U-Haul truck, the street was congested and I found that I couldn’t help her.

I walked away looking for my car. Since the streets were so congested I had trouble finding it. But lucky for me that SH was already waiting for me next to my car. She shouted to alert me I was going the wrong way and she raised her hand to make sure I can see where the location where the car is.

After I got in the car, I was driving down the street when the U-Haul trailer on the truck that someone was driving started to jack knife. I pulled my car over so that I won’t get hit when the trailer jack knifed. It was a close call, the trailer but did not completely jack knifed.

But before I could get back on the road, a convoy of U-Haul trucks one after the other came down the street. I couldn’t see a spot to cut in so I was just waiting for an opportunity…. 

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