After all these years something new about the word “yarn” was learned. Damned if I should have been up on it, after all a word smith should be able to tell if the use of the word is correct. Then again, a “Smith” has the ability to be creative and mold a word into idiomatic expressions; but, sometimes if falls to the foundation and how you were taught how the word was being used.

I was led to believe that “Yarn” means some sort of desire. For example; “I yarn for the day when the COVID 19 shut down ends.” Or “I yarn to be deployed with my National Guard Brothers on the streets of NYC, to quell the disturbances.”

Now when I actually looked at the dictionary, I see that “yarn” means something totality different. Strands of fiber! Isn’t this a bunch of “yarn.”

Right now, I yarn to slap an English Teacher the next time there is a High School reunion.

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