The Heist

 Its not everyday that a normal person will turn to taking things that doesn’t belong to them. But sometimes being a thief doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is planned and executed. Theft can be merely a matter of opportunity. An object of desire is seen and the setting and conditions are right, for you to make your move. Hopefully it will be successful. But like they say karma can be a bitch.

I remember one time me and a couple of friends were at one of those expensive night clubs on the east side of Manhattan. For the price we paid to get in and for what they were charging for booze; overall the atmosphere was pretty good.

Like many night clubs in the city; there are more substances then booze circulating on the dance floor. It’s just that in high scale night clubs the passing around of non-booze substances is not as apparent then what it is in a lower scale club.

The great heist happened when my friend W saw a bag of ganja (marijuana) at the table of a well-known dread (Rasta man) who is known to smoke a high quality strain of weed. The dread was preoccupied with some of his friends.

 W gestured to my other friend B, and points his finger at the big bag of ganja lying on the table. The dread is oblivious that it fell out of his pocket. B nodded to W; and W nodded to B. No words were exchanged, they’ve been friends long enough that a comradery of a espritu de corps has been developed.  They know what each other was thinking.

Without words, there was a meeting of the minds with an understanding that the ganja was fair game. Still without words exchanged, finger pointing, nods and thumbs up established W as the lookout and B was designated as the lift person.

W kept his eyes on the dread as well as the surrounding area; he looked to the left and right and gave another thumbs up to B; who casually walked up to the table and swiftly took the bag of ganja and put it in his pocket and walked away disappearing in the crowd on the dance floor.

W was elated that everything went smooth like a well oiled machine. He went to the direction on the dance floor to catch up to B. But he couldn’t see B anywhere. He looked all round the club and still could not find B. Then W alerted me and P the other person who was with us, and we did a more extensive search. B was nowhere to be found.

Finally, we see him; he waved at us and started walking towards us, then he collapsed. A Bouncer quickly moved in and picked him up and was getting ready to chuck him out the back exit, like they do with anyone that appeared to be stoned.

We all know why B disappeared, it was because he didn’t want to share the stolen ganja; and by the looks of it, he couldn’t handle it. Strange, B is a big time weed smoker, why would he get stoned off it.

We called a cab, gave the Driver his address, paid the fair and told the Driver to drop him off  at his home.  The following day, we examined what little weed was left over, and found out that it was laced with another un identified substance.   

Well, karma has fixed B for swiping something that didn’t belong to him and for being selfish. He took one for the team sparing the rest of us.

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