Locked Out

Sometime dreams can be realty based, so much that one may think that it actually happened in real life. In fact, if there isn’t a measure if lucidity you may feel that it actual happened and is part of your memorized experience.

I felt this way about this experience, except for there was a slight variation of the setting on how it appeared in real life. That was my cue, that this memory was a false one and the only way that the conscience mind filed it as memory, it had to be a dream…  

This experience begins early in the morning; I parked my car in a parking lot and closed the door; I was supposed to be somewhere at a certain time; I was early. I decided to wait in the car.

When it was time, I got out the car and closed the locked door; while I was walking away from the car, and I checked my pocket for the keys. I found that I didn’t have the keys on me, so I turned back to the car and when I looked into it I saw the keys were still in the ignition.

The strange thing about this was that the ignition was located in the middle counsel next to the gear stick (slight variation to reality).  I didn’t want to just leave the keys in the car and walk away. Yet the doors were locked and I had no way of getting in the car.

I was roaming around the parking lot looking to see if I could get some type of help. I came across one of my fellow gov’t bureaucrat. Ms. L, she was parked in the parking lot. I asked her if she had something that I could use to open my car door. She gave me something that resembled a wire.

 I went back to my car and attempted to open the car door with the wire that Ms. L gave me. I found that it didn’t work.  I took it back to Ms. L and when I was sitting in the passenger seat of her car; I had the urge to smoke a cigarette. I needed a light; Ms. L didn’t have one, nor did her car have a lighter. But I saw a book of matches among the clutter of papers that she had in her car. I took the matches and left, and walked back to my car.

When I got to my car, I saw someone had a screwdriver and was opening my car door with it. I grabbed the screwdriver and asked the guy what the hell he is doing. He said that he was helping me out unlocking the door with the screwdriver. I said if I wanted to use a screwdriver to open the door I would have done it. The problem with this method is that it breaks the lock, and I didn’t want the expense in fixing the door lock. …

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