The funny thing about having an assumption about people that you considered to be friends is that they won’t betray you and do you wrong. But there is one rule that all men should follow no matter how they feel about it. Is that you never ask a friend to check up on you woman, wife or significant other. That includes asking then to keep her company while you’re not available due to having some commitment that will take out of town for a while.

Let’s say just say that those who had the privilege to serve in the undemocratic organizations that has the task of protecting the nation can understand. Especially after their battle buddy brings in the new love of his life to the barracks and introduced her to his buddies. He assumed that they will all just be friend, like one big happy family. Yet, when he has to go someplace on temporary duty (TDY) perhaps in another state or even in another country; as far has his buddies are concerned, it is open season on his woman. They assume that their buddy wouldn’t want her to be lonely and perhaps on some level he may agree. But in realty the love of his life is being passed around from one of his buddies to the next. All of them getting a piece and finding out about over a game of cards. But guess who will never find out about it.   

Then there was a situation that True_George found himself in. Back in the days of yesteryear when there were no responsibilities except for making it to the next dance hall. My friend W had a drug dealing Brother who was having a conflict worth another drug dealer. Him and his best friend need to take care of business and get that rival dealer off their backs. But he wants to make sure that their women are safe. So he asked W to stay at the house and gave him some money to take them around.

Naturally, W taps True_George to help him with this task. It was fun, we take them everywhere. To the Supermarket, restaurants, movies, parties, even to their mother’s house. But when we took them to the beach and stayed there till the moon was up and under that romantic moon lit beach; the women started to complain that they miss their boyfriends. They stated saying all kinds of things. W looks at me and we both nod.  The game is on; now to fulfill their needs in ways that don’t involve taking them someplace and spending money.

The point of the matter that assuming that that you best friends or even a morally corrupted Brother watch your wife, girlfriend, or significant other, it will just make an ass out of u and me.        

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