Antagonizing Spirits

I was at the second gig where I serve as a Counselor; things were slow in the office, so I took this opportunity to do a little stress control measure.  I took a couple of deep breaths which put me in a relaxed state. This is when I heard the footsteps. I thought someone was coming into the room so I took myself out the relax state to make sure no one physically came into the room. When I was sure that no one was coming into the room I put myself back into the relax state.

It body asleep, mind awake state. I heard the footsteps again. This time I did not interrupt the state.  I saw a figure walk over to me and he went behind me. I wanted to see who he was. I looked into something that I could see behind my back. I saw the figure, he put on a cap. I wanted to see his face, but his face was not revealed.

Then I heard a second set of footsteps. It was an old lady pulling a trolley. The old lady went to the med draws. The old lady wasn’t doing anything maybe an imprint of a past client looking to get her meds.

My attention went back on the guy that is behind me. I was looking at him because I wanted to see his face. The face was still eluding me, when suddenly the face was revealed. I recognize the face; it looked real familiar. But I just can’t place where I saw that face in the physical world.

Then another figure came into the picture. It was a female. Then a thought came into my head that I should antagonize both of the spirits. So I knocked off the cap of the man behind me. He was not pleased. Then I went to the female spirit and zipped off her top and I was going to zip down her skirt, and violate her. But when I zipped her top off; I was interrupted by someone knocking on the door.  This took me out of state ending the interaction with those spirits.

It is rare that I seek to antagonize a spirit, I wonder why that thought crossed my mind?              

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