Mental Struggle

Sometimes when entities want to intrude on us in our time when we are resting, most people often feel helpless, as well as angry. There are feelings that nothing can be done to stop the unknown assailants. But just like being physically or undergoing some sort of psychic attack; there are self-defensive measures that can be employed. 

This first one is dubbed “Mental Struggle” But before we get into this; you may ask what kind of intruders that True_ George is talking about? Well the type of intruders could be any extra-physical beings and the beings or perceived entities that are seen if you’ve ever experienced a sleep paralysis. Yes, it includes extraterrestrial abduction attempts.

The technique itself was developed by someone who used it to ward off extraterrestrial abduction attempts. It was discovered through accidental means through the resentment of these extraterrestrials intruding on the person without any conviction.

The meaning of the term “Mental Struggle” is because it is done silently in the mind of the person which is the mental part. The struggle part comes into play because the person has to be strong willed and believe without a doubt that their rights are under assailment by the intruder.

Contact with extraterrestrials varies from person to person and like many other things one person’s experience may not be another. But there are common traits that everyone experiences. Those traits are the feelings of being paralyzed with the exception of being able to move the eyes and have a slight head movement.

For those who are intruded on while in bed the symptoms are similar to experiencing sleep paralysis. Waking up paralyzed and seeing or sensing the presence of beings that is accompanied with an overwhelming sense of fear.

The mechanics of the technique is attempting to move a small part of your body, such as a finger or toe and when you are able to move one of those small parts, the paralysis will generally break abruptly. Once the paralysis breaks the intruding entities usually disappears.

After the intruding entities vanish you will feel a sense of a second awaking. It is different then awaking from normal sleep. It is an awaking from an altered state of consciousness.     

There are three key components to the technique for the mental struggle to be successful.

  1. Conviction that the technique will work
  2. Sense of outrage against invasion of your human rights
  3. Inner assurance that the technique works just as well for those who are terrified as it does for those who are more fearless.

In essence:

  • Effective against the first stages of abduction, particularly paralysis and a general feeling of terror. A high pitched, irritating sound is at times involved.
  • When used at these initial stages, the second phase of abduction-calmness or compliance with the entities wishes-is prevented
  • A feeling of confidence on the part of the experiencer that the technique will be effective (either from prior personal experience or assurance from a trusted source) is essential.
  • A stouthearted feeling that the “intruders” are violating your inalienable rights must be sustained.
  • Maintain patience: This technique requires strong, internal, silent struggle, directed toward moving one small part of the body, usually a finger or a toe. When movement occurs, the paralysis usually breaks abruptly and visitors vanish
  • For a few witnesses, the movement of body parts must be progressive until the paralysis is broken sufficiently to allow the experiencer to call for help.  

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