Sometimes when you first meet someone and you get captivated with them and you managed to get their contact information. You have in your mind, that you would like to have some sort of relationship with them; preferable a sexual one.

 So now you go home and you start to call them. Things sound promising, then when they start to let you into their world and you get a glimpse of who they are.

First they start to talk about themselves, then whatever else subject comes up it all falls back to how good they look, that their beauty is endless, that every other female is jealous that they look so good. The only thing that comes to mind is that the person sounds very vain.

Ok, maybe she is saying that because she wants to create the impression that she is self-confident. But your gut instinct is telling you that the woman has self esteem issues. But the head without the brain suggests that you should at least give her a chance.

So you make that date, there is no possible way that you cannot score. You take her to a nice place. Then all of a sudden you find that she acts like she is hyper, paranoid that people are looking and perhaps laughing at her dilemma.    

Then when she calms down and you begin to have some type of normal conversation you hear something unexpected like she needs help to make ends meet. That the person she ends up with is obligated to pay those bills for her. Then you get to learn that she does not hold down any meaningful means of employment. The job is just part time, or some other temporary position, either way the salary she make does not suit her purpose.

After that you visualize your bank account and the balance saying zero or the current balance with parenthesis denoting a negative balance. After that glimpse this when you make up your mind and come to the conclusion that this woman isn’t worth the aggravation. Even if she decides to do to you what Linda Lovelace did in Deep throat. Don’t take the bait; run.

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