African Cows

Don’t know how my subconscious would construct this type of dream, perhaps picking up the thought patterns of someone else, maybe the idea of farms and ownership of land was stuck in my head after reading about Robert Mugabe’s land reform policies, and the changing of land ownership in the American south. Who knows? Maybe someone can help me interpret it.

It started when I saw images of what looked like a farmland or ranch located in a small town; one of those towns that you’d see in a 1950’s movie. A suburb farming town; a sign was put up in front of the ranch on the out skirts of that town that said registered African cows, possibly wilder beasts.  A black farmer brought the ranch, and was importing those cows from Africa. The African Cow is larger than the standard cow, and more pedigree then the Texas Long horn.

Some town’s people weren’t happy about this; they didn’t want the black man there. Even the Sheriff wasn’t happy, but he enforced the black farmer’s rights as a landowner.  Then the black farmer sold some of the African cow’s ribs to the town’s restaurant. The African cow’s ribs were twice the size of the Texas large ribs. I saw that one of the persons who wanted to get rid of the Black Farmer enjoyed the ribs so much that he decided to suspend his prejudice and campaign to get rid of the Black Farmer in the name of getting some good BBQ ribs twice the size of the largest Texas ribs.

But before the entire acceptance happened, the one thing that drove everyone crazy was when the black farmer decided to decorate the side of the ranch’s signposts with the skulls of the African cows he slaughtered. Instead of scraping off the meat from the cow’s head before putting the skulls by the sign posts; he just put the heads there with the raw meat on them.

This attracted a lot of flies, and there was the stench of dead animal flesh. The black Farmer didn’t care how the town’s people felt because the Towns people showed him hostility and were not cordial to him when he brought the farm.

 Despite the town’s people’s  protests he left the cows head in place until the flies stripped off the raw dead flesh from the dead cows head until the skulls appeared; and when all the meat from the heads were gone the flies moved on.  

The whole scene looked gross, even the shirtless Farmer, who is a big fellow, had flies on him; all he did was scratched them off his skin and it seemed that he was not bothered by the flies. To totally get them off his body all he did was jump into a creak that is located on the farmland.   

Then there was some type of message that flashed into my head. The message summed up and made me understand the root of the town’s people resentment to the black Farmer.

It was because the government confiscated the land from a white Supremacist group and put it on the market because the group had to pay some sort of restitution and they did not have the money to pay the government, so the land was taken from them. The black Farmer brought the land.  It is a very beautiful piece of land; ideal for growing crops and having herds of livestock of goats and cows. 

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