Baghdad Blvd

I saw I was in the street, in a commercial shopping area. The street looked like Fulton street in Brooklyn, yet the feeling that I got was the same feeling that I had when I was in Iraq.  I looked up, and saw that the street sign said, Baghdad Blvd. Even though the street looked like Fulton Street, how it was paved resembled a street in Baghdad.

I was travelling on the street with an unknown companion, when we came to an open field, with a building next to it. The side of the building looked like one of Saddam’s palaces. The field looked like the one that was next to the base camp Scania.

The perception that I got was that the field used to be a killing field; it was regularly mortared, and that people were buried there, in unmarked graves, put there during the war. But now that there is peace, it was used for some sort of civilian commercial purpose.  My thoughts were, if they only knew what took place there.

When I went further down Baghdad Blvd, I came to an open area, where there was a large building that resembled a church. There was a chain linked fence around it. I got another perceptive feeling, that on the other side was it used as an American military base. I was going to rig a rope to climb up the building’s wall; but was stopped from doing so by a faceless person.

Then, I found myself going into a building that looked like a big railway station. Inside the building, it was like the lounge of an airport gate. Before I could go further in the building, I had to go through the turnstile. The turnstile looked exactly like the ones in the New York City subway stations.

After I went through the turnstile, to my surprise, I found that there was a train going directly from Baghdad to New York City. I couldn’t believe it, but it was there. I needed a special metro card so that I can swipe to get through the turnstile. I looked in my pocket. It was full of metro cards. I wasn’t sure which specific card would work, because they all looked the same. Then I saw a metro card that was smaller than the rest. On the side where the advertisement shows, there was some type of writing. I cannot consciously recall what the writing said. But, it was the queue that made me realize that it was the card to use to get through the turnstile.  

After I swiped the card, and went through the turnstile, I took the elevator up to the train tracks. The train looked like the air train at JFK Airport. I entered the train, and it went off on its destination. It stopped in London; I was to change over to another train. I took another elevator up to another set of train tracks. I went on that train, and it took off to its destination.

When the train came to a stop, I saw that instead of being in New York City; I was back in Baghdad. Then the scene shifted back to Baghdad Blvd…

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Book by True_George

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