In the interrogating room Detective Moore told Wolf, “come on now, you need to come clean, otherwise I can’t help you.” Wolf, with some concern in his voice asked the Detective, “I need to have it in writing. Not that I don’t trust you, but you’re still a Cop, and Cops are known to lie and promise things that they can’t deliver, just to get someone to talk.” Detective Moore responded, okay, I’ll speak with the Prosecutor, and see if he will put everything in writing.”

After a couple of hours, Detective Moore summoned Wolf back to the interrogating room. This time, Wolf brought his Attorney with him. Once in the room, the Detective slapped a folder on the table in front of Wolf and his Attorney. He said, “there you go, look inside, because of the nature of the crime, the Prosecutor has agreed to your demands.” Wolf’s Attorney looked over the paperwork and nodded his head to Wolf signaling that the document is legitimate.

Now That Wolf has guarantees that he will be placed in the Witness Protection Program; he starts to spill the beans of what took place on September 5th, in Big Village, concerning the deaths of three people; Jimmy Jones, Belinda Robinson and her Daughter Susie.

 Wolf, began explaining the particulars of the case:

Jimmy Jones was a member of the feared organized gang “The Tribe,” he was a young man in his early 20’s. Yet, he was no saint. He was a killer, he had so many victims that he bragged that he tripled his age in murders before his 20th birthday. Jones ended up becoming an important cog in the Tribe’s extortion racket.

The Tribe managed to worm their way in shaking down residents and business in Big Village; they developed a system where they had the construction industry on lock down. For example, if someone wanted to build a house; they will tell the builder that they can hire specialist workers like, electricians, plumbers, etc, of their choosing. But the Tribe would provide the low skill workers. That when it comes to paying the work force; the builder would have to pay the Tribe instead, and the Tribe would be the one who will  pay all the Workers; of course taking a portion of the money for themselves. The proceeds of this extortion racket went towards financing the gang’s elicit criminal activities.

In the scheme of things, Jones had the task of collecting the money and sending it up the pipeline to the Tribe’s leaders. In addition to being the one who handles the money, when called upon Jones was a willing participant in gangland related operations of mayhem and murder. He was a rising superstar and was respected and was the golden boy of the Tribe’s leader.  

Even though Jones was the one handling the money in the Tribe’s Big Village operation; he was not the crew’s boss. That title belonged to Renee“Snake” Rivera. In as much as Snake is over seeing the Big Village operation; people tend to avoid dealing with him directly. They would rather deal with Jones, who was generally a better person to do business with, rather then dealing with Snake. Because Snake had one of those toxic personalities that turns people off.

In the words of the Notorious B.I.G; “success breeds jealousy.” Jones was very successful, he was the leadership’s golden boy, the local people would rather do business with him, and he was called upon to do operations outside of his normal activities. This drew the envy of Snake and he started to question everything what Jones was doing. He even went as far as complaining to the Tribe’s leadership that Jones is skimming some of the extorted money for himself instead of sending the full proceeds up the line.

Snake being a typical jealous cancer that will sit, and watch others, and start to make up things in their heads, as to why are you doing things to them. Why are you causing them problems, especially when you have done nothing to them, for them to have those kinds of thoughts. They are putting these negative thoughts in their head, just to make an enemy out of you.   

In theory, one would think that as the crew leader, Snake would be happy his crew’s money-making operations in Big Village is successful. But, there is an old saying, “no amount of money can cancel out zero intelligence.”  

Now that Snake has developed a hatred of Jones, he decides that Jones must go. But, there is a major problem. Jones is not one of the typical cogs in the system, he is the Tribe’s leadership highly rated golden boy. His disappearance would raise questions. Anything Snake conspired to do would have to be very calculated.  

Snake began to get friendly with Beverly, Jones’s live in girlfriend; to the point where she became Snake’s side chick. Beverly is a woman that people call a “kerosene.” Because if you add kerosene to fire, it will become bigger, hotter and cannot be put out through conventional means.

The plan was set into motion; Snake went to Jones and told him that he is going to conduct an operation, but the Tribe did not provide enough weapons. So, he asked if he could borrow his gun.  Being that Snake was the crew’s leader, Jones trusted him and gave him his gun. In Jones’s mind, he lent Snake the gun; but in reality, Snake has made sure that Jones was disarmed.

Snake enlisted Slug and LeRoy has his accomplices, Beverly arranged for her child to spend the night at a relative’s house. When Snake, Slug and LeRoy showed up at the house; Beverly let them in. Once inside, they took Jones’s head. They left the headless body in the house and left with Jones’s head in a bag.

Detective Moore asked, “so what did they do with the head?” Wolf’s reply was, “I don’t know, the head has never been found.” Wolf, continues his statement…

Everyone was stunned when they heard the news that Jones was killed. The Tribe was not pleased that their golden boy was hit, especially since he was supposed to be untouchable. They need to get on top of this; so they sent some people down to Big Village to question Beverly the kerosene .

Beverly’s said, “the door was kicked in, and six men rushed in the house, killed Jimmy and chopped his head off. I remember seen three of them, they were the guys from Zulu that was involved in the fight last week.”

Beverly was pinning the hit on the Zulus, a rival gang based in the neighboring village of Soweto. The Tribe’s leadman of the said, “I find it unlikely that someone from Soweto could get in Big Village, carry out this hit, and leave undetected, without having some interment knowledge of the area.”

A nervous Beverly, suspecting that the Tribe’s men were taking her explanation as bullshit; responded, “they had help, my neighbor Belinda told them where and when to go through the area.” Leadman asked, “why would Belinda want to have Jones, killed?” Beverly said, “because two years ago, she blamed Jimmy for the death of her Husband. He was killed by one of Jimmy’s hired hands. She swore that Jimmy will pay one day. I supposed that day was last night”

Beverly put that idea in the heads of the Tribe’s group coupled with an Oscar winning performance of being shocked, scared and angry that these people could carry out such an act on her beloved Jimmy Jones.

So now the Tribe had established a motive behind the killing, and who did it; area boss Snake also gave an Oscar winning performance expressing his anger over the so called incursion by the Zulus and asked the Tribe leaders if they could sanction a hit on Belinda Robinson, and her Daughter, to avenge the murder of Jimmy Jones. Word got back to the Tribe’s leadership and the Tribe’s Underboss gave the green light.

Belinda Robinson, a hard-working woman was oblivious to what was going on; had nothing to do with gang life, or a life of crime. Since the murder of her Husband, she devoted her time raising her fatherless Daughter Susie who recently graduated from High School.  

Susie was a brilliant Student, who won a full ride scholarship to attend pre-med and medical school. A bright spark in the acid community marred with gang violence.

Bugsy the Bartender heard the plot that the Tribe’s men were hatching; he told his son to run over to Belinda’s house and give her a heads up. Belinda’s answer was, “I’m not leaving, I wasn’t involved in anything, besides, I have no where to go. I’m a god-fearing woman, Jesus will protect me.”

There was no way to convince Belinda to leave; so, the Bartender’s Son appealed to Susie, and told her that the hit men are coming to get her and her mother; at least she could salvage her life. But Susie gave a similar answer that her mother gave.

That night the Tribe’s hit squad busted into Belinda’s house and murdered her and Susie, chopping up their bodies. They removed the head and parade it around as a warning to others, not to mess with the Tribe.

At the same token, the Tribe went over to Soweto over to the Zulu base and took out some of their members. Zulu retaliated and casualties on both sides piled up before a cease fire between the two gangs was called.

In a twist of fate, Snake’s treachery was discovered, and the Tribe was not happy about being played. Snake made attempts to get back in the Tribe’s good graces and in an act of betrayal put out a contract on the heads of his accomplices. LeRoy and Slug were killed.

This act of betrayal did not appease the Tribe’s boss; so now Snake became a marked man, and he had to go on the run. Eventually, the Tribe’s hit squad caught up with Snake, and he paid the ultimate price.

For the Police, the break in the case came to them because of Wolf. On the night of the murder of Belinda Robinson, and her Daughter, he was taken to the Hospital with wounds that he was chopped with an axe.

When questioned, Wolf admitted that he was in the house when the murder took place. But he wasn’t part of it. Wolf said, “I was walking home when I heard a commotion and screaming. I ran into the house to see what was going on, and I stumbled on the murder. I saw members of the Tribe chopping up the bodies of two women. I accidently got hit with the axe, so one of the Tribe’s men took me to the Hospital to get my wound taken care of.”  

The Police know that Wolf’s claim, is nothing but pure rubbish. They knew that Wolf was part of the crew that carried out the killings. But they needed Wolf to identify who was involved in the murder plot, so that they can arrest them.

Wolf cut a deal to identify the suspects in court in exchanged for being place in the Witness Protection Program so the Tribe cannot find and exterminate him.

But, what of that toxic kerosene oil female, Beverly? The one who was responsible of setting up her own boyfriend, Jimmy Jones; the one who pointed the finger signing the death warrant of Belinda Robinson and her Daughter; plus the deaths of people in the ensuing gang warfare.

She was the only one that came out of the whole ordeal unscratched. Now she is probably laying down next to some other man, who have no clue of the type of woman he is with; nor know what she had done. God, help him.   

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