The Mob

I was at the second gig; things were slowing down; so, I decided to put myself in relaxation mode when this experience took place.

I heard a commotion; it looks like one of the residences were having a dispute with somebody that lives in the surrounding community. Those people from the community that had the dispute with the resident came in the building and started to take it over.

The other residences were in their room, they were too scared to come out.  It was a mob of people that came into the building. They started to rip up the floors. Then they broke into the Med room and began stealing the medication so that they can go and sell it.

Some of them were coming into the office area, through the window and I attempted to keep them out. But I could not lock the window. When I looked outside, I saw that the mob started to steal the staff’s cars.

I called the Police but was put on hold by the 911 operator. The call only had elevator music playing in the background.

Someone from the mob wanted to fight, but I blocked all his punches, I took my bag and got the hell out of there. When I went out the door, I could see the mob stripping the whole building of the building’s raw materials. I went in the parking lot to get in my car to leave. But my car wasn’t there. It was stolen. Now I had no choice but to walk home.

While walking home, I saw that I was being followed by some of the mob. I decided to take a bus that was going in the opposite direction from where I live. I did not want the mob to know where I live. I jump on the bus. I could see the bus number; it was B54.  A member of the mob also jumped on the bus.  I had in my mind to call someone to get my gun, and meet me, so that I could take care of this person following me.

All this was because of the illicit activities of Henny; selling drugs in the community. Plus, the Management community outreach program that failed big time. It only pissed off the community to the point where they choose invaded the house.

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