Rat Race

            Politics is one of those topics that is not featured on this True_George site; it is because no matter what other things that is posted; no matter what other view you may have. People are not cordial and will make assumptions about you as a person based on your political affiliation.

Would I have to explain what is going on right now when it comes to this Presidential race. The whole affair stinks. Here you have a man that was a media celebrity, who threw himself in the last President race and won. From day one before he even took the oath, there was a call to impeach him. Even though it has been proven that most Americans did not even understand the impeachment process.

Now, even before election day, there is talk about the 25th amendment; talk about making preparations to remove the President from office because they cannot discharge their duties. As if there is speculation that the winner of the Presidential will not have the capacity to carry out the duties of office.

Let’s look at it this way; when the British Prime Minister came down with the COVID-19; he was out of office for six weeks. Now, the President has announced that his COVID 19 result came back positive. He is back in the White House after only a few days in the Hospital. So, the question is he a carrier that infects other people without being infected himself? Or is it a ploy?  

Then, you have his opponent; it is a running joke among the American public (supporters & Non-supporters) that the opposition is in the early stages of dementia. That if elected, he probably won’t have the mental faculties to discharge his duties as the President.  

So. Either way it is speculated that whoever is elected won’t have the capacity to take office. One being too sick and being of advance age, it is speculated he may bite the dust. The other being absent minded; so, preparations are being made to get them out. One could say a bloodless coupe.

But, what is a given, whoever becomes President better have some good Lawyers because every President tend to run up million dollar legal expenses before their first term is over. I guess being the President is a thankless job with vultures and enemies all around. Each is his own; I say good luck to whoever is elected.


  1. Politics – a very dog-eat-dog world! I have to say I know b***r all about politics anyway so I tend to keep out of it all (apart from voting of course). Trump shouldn’t be straight back at work mixing with others when he’s had the virus though – there’s no way he’s safe to be mixing with people yet!

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  2. There will be no winner, and that is sad for the country. The chaos will continue. It used to be that folks would accept the winner even if it wasn’t there choice. The country would then work together. I’m not sure that can ever happen again.


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