I was in some sort of warehouse with a couple of friends; the friends weren’t identified; in fact I didn’t see a face that was familiar. It was just the feeling that I got. An unidentified man came in the warehouse to confront us. I did not get any perceptions as to why the unidentified man decided to confront me and the unidentified friends. But those unidentified friends that was with me took off. I decided to stay to distract the man from pursuing them.

Me and the man started to fight. Then I realized that the man was some sort of controlled being or cyborg. It was only a matter of time before I would start to get tired and this cyborg being will over power me.

But before that could happen, I found a way to break away and flee. I used a series of joint locks to temporary incapacitate the cyborg being. Then I took off and got into my car and drove away. I was going to meet up with those unidentified friends once I get away.

I was driving very fast in bad weather, the roadways were slick. Then the car started going over some ice. I didn’t lose control of the car, I kept on going at the same high rate of speed.

The cyborg being handlers were coming after me, but when their vehicles went over the ice, they lost control and crashed. So, I maintained a great distance away from them.

Then it seems that I was in some type of disaster area; the houses looked like the ones on the block where I lived when I was in my pre-teen years. Each house was separated by ice. There was no civil control, and the block organized to take care of themselves.

Since I was an outsider, I was going from house to house to see if they were vacant. I found one house, and I hid in it to be out of sight from those who were chasing me.

I left that house and was going from one house to another; then I came across a house where a family lived. I asked them for some assistance, they helped me out by granting me refuge.

After that I don’t consciously remember what took place. All I remember was that I was with the family, I was given a cell phone so that I can communicate with others inside the community; and I was also given some type of currency so that I can use it to trade.

The house with the family that I was staying with was connected to another house where another family lived. That family resembled the W family, who I have known during my pre-teen years. I was in that adjacent family’s house; we were drinking tea.  

There was an old man staying with the family that had given me refuge. All he does was to spend his days sitting on a chair on the porch and mouthing off. He came to the entrench of the W’s house and started some sort of altercation.

The old man was saying something to me; perhaps we were arguing, but I don’t know what the argument was about. Whether it was some sort of disagreement, or personality clash. I cannot consciously us recall it. All I know is that the old man spat at me, I blocked the spit with my hand and rubbed it off on his clothes.

The question was asked to the family, why do they keep this useless man around. The family head stated that the old man is kept around because they want to hear some unbiased criticism.

I left the W’s and the family that gave me refuge house. It was night, and I was looking for somewhere to stay for the night. I didn’t want to be caught by the unruly groups prowling the neighborhood during the night.

I decided to go to the yard of this lady whose dog that I feed. Even though she locks up the house at night, the dog’s cage is covered up, and the dog won’t bark and give me away because it knows me.

So, I went into the dog’s cage; the dog was curled up, he saw me and looked up, but did not bark. I slept in the cage with the dog until the morning. I left the woman’s yard when the morning sun came up.

After that I left the neighborhood and came across a group with some sort of legal authority. They took me to a control room.

Now this is where things got a highly distorted, now that I’m recording the experience, the memory has faded that I cannot consciously recall what took place in the control room…

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