Civil service Exam

The events of this dream experience was kinda strange to me; the aspects of the dream was reality based. Things from the past came together and fused into some sort of distorted reality that can only be manufactured by the sub-conscious. Pondering on what was recalled. The whole thing makes no sense on the conscious level.  

It all started when I was reading a newspaper; I saw the results of a civil servant test that I took and passed. A written test to be some sort of security guard or Cop to be stationed at a women’s homeless shelter. Perhaps I got the position on a provisional basis. I was to choose a location where I wanted to be stationed.

Then I saw that I was stationed at one of the National Guard Armory that one of my old unit used to occupy. That Armory was turned into a women’s homeless shelter.

But in this experience, the unit still held the Thursday night meetings in the Armory, even though the Armory is now a Women’s homeless shelter. I saw that I went to one of those such meetings. AL, who was my gunner when we were serving in Iraq; and who is now the Director of Veterans Services of a county in New Jersey was also there. He was promoting that Vets should take civil service exams.

Me, AL and some other people were sitting at a round table, the newspaper “The Chief” with the civil servant listings, was being looked, at and passed round, with AL encouraging that we should file for an exam.

But I already was called off a list for a civil servant position and currently working as a government bureaucrat; but AL said that he was going to have a larger meeting. I didn’t see the outcome of the meeting because I went to one of the rooms in the Armory and went to sleep on the bed that was in the room.

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