You tube Upload: 4

                During the past week, I’ve recorded 125 videos. As of today, 56 of them have been uploaded to my you tube channel.  Hopefully, the others will be uploaded by the end of the week. My time is now been limited. The government bureaucratic agency where I make my daily bread as ordered us back to the office. Plus, now I’ve recently started going back to the dojo and resuming my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kick boxing work outs. I’ve got the twenty-five pounds that I’ve gained during the shut down to lose.  

So the out of the 56 up loads 28 of them are from 3 Bob Marley albums. Around when Bob Marley died, the old man brought a couple of his albums; there are more of them to upload in the near future.

14 of the uploads are from the Elvis Presley 40 greatest hit album. Yeah, I confess, I listened and enjoyed Elvis Presley’s music at one time in my life. The old man brought the 40 greatest hits back in 1975. So, you see, that record set is 46 years old, and still in good shape. The rest of the songs from that album should be uploaded soon.

There are copywrites on Bob Marley and Elvis Presley recordings, YouTube is allowing use, but they are going to interject advertisements, if you don’t have a premium account. It was better to video individual songs instead of the whole album, because if there is a disputed copywrite claim on one song, then YouTube would block the whole album.

Hell, I even uploaded Culture Club’s first hit (Do you really want to hurt me) that put them on the map. You have to admit, Boy George sang his ass off on this record. The rest is reggae music from the 80’s. The likes of Dennis Brown, Carlton Livingston, Dobby Dobson, Prince Mohammed, Carlene Davis; among others.

I’m no longer posting individual videos, because there are numerous. Instead, I’m just putting the link to my channel, from there you will find the newly up-loaded videos.

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