Cat’s Bite

This dream was probably influenced by an article that I read before retiring for the night; it also had an accompanied video, its too bad that at the point in time recording this experience, I was unable to locate the video. Yeah, I should have copied the link before retiring for the night. But, did I know that I would have a dream that was influenced by the article. If I knew that the dream was going to take place, then yes, I would have made reference where to find the video.

Anyway, the event that the article spoke about took place in Mexico. It was about a woman who saw a white cat in the street; when she got close to it; the cat wanted her the follow him. The cat led her inside a store, right to the section where the cat treats were located. The cat prompted the woman to buy a cat treat, and feed it to him.

The storekeepers didn’t know who owned the cat, and that the cat did this all the time to strangers. The woman went back to the street where she saw the cat. He was still there enticing people to follow him to the store and getting them to buy him treats. The woman took out her phone and made a video of the cat doing what he was doing to get people to follow it and buy it treats. She followed the cat to see if he had a home. It turned out that the cat, was a stray. So the woman decided to take the cat to her home and adopt it.

Yeah, I can hear you now, that’s right, True_George likes a sob story once in a while. A stray cat, learned what to do to get strangers to buy him treats. It is a wonder that the store allowed a stray animal to wonder in it. Very impressive for an animal convincing a stranger to do wat he wants them to do. I’m glad, that the story had a happy ending, that the cat wasn’t run over by a car, or some cold-hearted stranger kicked the cat to get him away from them, or the store keepers didn’t hurt the cat to keep it out the store. That the woman came along, and gave the cat its forever home. Doesn’t it just want to make you cry.

So now, the story had a lasting impact on the subconscious and influenced the type of dream that would take place on this night, since it was the last thing I saw before retiring for the night.

The dream was similar to the story took place. There were slight variations; the cat was ginger and white. The other unique feature was the cat had no teeth, and he was declawed living in the streets. I felt sorry for the cat, he didn’t have the means to defend himself from other animals.

The cat was nice, so I adopted him and took him home. When I went to feed the cat, it started to bite me. Nothing unusual that a cat does. Biting a person for some reason or another when you stroke it, and it doesn’t want to be stroked or be bothered. The bites don’t really hurt, the cat is just saying, leave me alone, or telling you to get lost. The cat not really biting to hurt you, not like it would if it was really angry.

But this toothless cat started biting my hand; and he bit down so hard, that I felt it and the bites started to hurt. It was like he had teeth. He continued biting that I had to use some force to get it to stop.

Then the cat jumped up wanting to bite my nose, the cat was really aggressive and the fact that he had no teeth and no claws it looked like the cat could hold its own. But why was it attacking me. The person who wants to keep him safe and was feeding him.

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