You Tube Upload: 5

The last 64 videos of the of the the 125 that was mad was uploaded to my You Tube channel.

The last of the Elvis Presley from the album “Elvis 40 Greatest. ” was done. Another album was uploaded. This one is by a popular Jamaican reggae artist called “By Demand” it was produced in 1966. There is the last album that another Jamaican artist Jacob “Killer” Miller recorded shortly before his death in an automobile accident. Then there are albums by two American power house signers from, the 1960’s. Sam Cooke and Percy Sledge.

The Sam Cooke album, “The Best of Sam Cooke” was put together by the record label sometime after his death. Then there is the best seller from Percy Sledge; ” The Best of Percy Sledge.” Featuring the single “When a Man Loves a Woman;” and other fan favorites.

The rest are from Dance Hall artists like Tanto Ire, Mellow Yellow & Fathead, Lovindeer, Micheal Palmer, Michigan, Little John and Ken Booth.and others.

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