Final Frontier

History has been made again, another space flight, by the Blue Origin program taking commercial passengers into sub-orbital space. This time around the ticket were cheaper. Tickets for the first flight were in the million-dollar range. But for this flight the tickets were $250 thousand. It is said this price tag will be the standard one for future flights.  I suppose that is within the means of many high earners. But, as time goes on, maybe it will fall within the range of an average income earner.

During the first flight. company owner Jeff Bezos and his brother were passengers, along with a twenty something passenger and an eighty something passenger. That inaugural flight took the youngest and oldest people into space.   

Now on this flight, Bezos invited the larger-than-life Star Trek cult figure “Captain Kirk” or rather the actor that portrayed that character, William Shatner to be a passenger on the second flight.

The flight took off yesterday 10/13 from a rural location in Western Texas; The historical nature of this flight is the ninety-year-old William Shatner would become the oldest person to travel to space.

The sub orbital mission itself would last for ten minutes before the space craft start to come back down to earth. William Shatner himself was emotional after experiencing the void of  space. Calling it “the most profound experience.”  

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