Came home after a day of doing bureaucratic work, at the gov’t office, in my role as a supervising government bureaucrat. But, before I came home, I went to the Dallas BBQ restaurant to buy myself a well-deserved BBQ chicken and beef ribs meal. When I got home I ate the meal and watched an episode of a documentary series about drug kingpins. Then I decided to lay down for the night.

When I laid down, after a while I felt something like the vibrational state manifesting. The strange thing about this was that the vibrational state did not resonate throughout the body, it was centralized on my head.

I felt the vibrations at the center of my head, and it was gradually spreading out down to the body. But before the vibration got stronger, I heard something like a message being transmitted. What was said was distorted. But it had something to do with being given some type of nourishment, or enhancement.

As the vibrations got stronger and was gradually sent throughout my body, there were images that flashed through my head. The images were that of various extraterrestrial species.

I saw, the greys, the reptilians, the dracos, the Nordics, and some others that I did not recognize. The images were like a display, with me passing one after another in a round tunnel. When I got to the end, of the tunnel, there was someone who put a frame on the side of my face to administer something. 

I’m not sure what was administered to me, but all I saw was a bright light of something while whatever was being given was administered. I cannot recall the exact words what was said. Something was said like I’m being given what was needed, or that here is the improvement.

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