Home Invasion

It was during the early afternoon, before getting ready to go to the second gig, I order some food to be delivered by Uber Eats. I didn’t know how long they were going to take, so I decided to lay down on the bed for a few moments.

Then I heard a knock at the door, I didn’t pay it any mind because I thought my son was going to see who was at the door. The door knocked again, I said to myself, dam it, he must be playing those video games again and not paying attention to who was knocking at the door.

Since I was not expecting anyone, I looked through the peep hole. I saw that whoever was at the door was covering up the peep hole so it couldn’t be seen who was knocking at the door.

Well, here in New York City, if the person knocking the door is covering up the peep hole, it means that whoever is at the door is usually up to no good, and not to open the door to them, you’ll be in a world of trouble.

In this instance, I did not heed the red flag, and decided to open the door. But before I opened the door, I put the chain on, so that the door wouldn’t open wide, and it would if me time to shut the door quickly if I need too.

As soon as I opened the door, there was a force that pushed the door knocking me backwards. The door chain was broken, and I could see the perpetrators.

In front was a big, large dude he must be at least 300 pounds. He was the one who pushed in the door. Then his hench men were standing behind him. The leader moved from behind the big dude and stood in front. He asked if my son was home, they would like to talk with him.

What kind of friends are these people, coming here in this fashion? I asked my son if he knew who these people were. My son acknowledged who they were, so I left and went back to my room.

Then I heard a commotion outside, when I went back to the doorway, I saw that the guys had beaten up my son, and they were going into his room and taken out his stuff. I told them to stop taking the stuff and get out. They just said for me to keep out the way.

So I went into my room to get my gun. I got two magazines, the gun box wasn’t locked, I only had to open the trigger lock. When I opened the trigger lock, it seemed that the gun was covered in something, that the trigger lock was stuck to it. Plus the magazine wouldn’t fit in the gun’s magazine well.

I guess I’m going to have to make it look good. I went back to the door, and pointed the gun at the guys taking my son’s stuff. Told them to stop what they’re doing and to get out.

The big guy was startled when he saw the gun, and he fell down the stairs. It looked like he died. His eyes were open and he was just laying there not moving.

The leader called my bluff, he didn’t believe the gun was loaded. But I pulled back the gun’s upper receiver and showed him that there are bullets in the gun. But the leader still tried to take the gun from me so I hit him in the nose.

The I fired a shot, it was a warning shot, I never aimed at the leader directly, just slightly to the right of him, hitting the wall.

Then he asked, how is my son going to pay off his debt. I asked, what him what is he talking about. He told me that my son lost some type of game and that he bet his belongings. So they came to collect after not hearing from my son for a couple of weeks.  

Then a shit load of Cops showed up to the building. They invaded the building like locust. The big dude that fell down stairs and looked like he was dead, suddenly got up and ran out the building. Wow, I thought he was dead, apparently, he wasn’t. But, when the smoke was cleared, the Cops found out that they were at the wrong address.

Then I heard the phone ring, I got up and answered it; it was the Uber deliver man telling me he was downstairs with my order…

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