E.M Sunday Ramble# 3


I know Sunday has passed a couple of days ago, I meant to add my two cents to this prompt, but I was caught up attending holiday parties.  I get kinda lazy and don’t do anything when I come home after having a couple of drinks, and I’m not talking Pepsi and Dr. Pepper unless it is mixed with rum, vodka, etc. I hope E.M won’t mind this late submission.

Do you dream when you sleep at night?

Yes, I do dream at night; some dreams are so profound that I remember it even days after the experience. Other dreams may not be so profound that I may not hold the memory for long.  While at other times when I go about my daily activities, it could trigger a memory of a dream experience that I had. Either way, I record what I can in my dream journal here at www.truegeorge.com.

Do you wish that dreams were portals to other worlds to explore? Where would the portals go if you wished for them?

In a way, dreams are portals to other worlds. The more creative, and imagination you have, the richer the experience. However, not all dreams are a product of our imagination. Sometimes we can project ourselves out of this world, onto the astral planes, depending upon our spiritual development, and what the subconscious mind will accept, our astral bodies can access the various portals (levels) that are on the astral plane. As well as travel through time and space, even underneath the ocean.

 If you could talk to anyone in your dreams, who would it be and why?

There are people that I would like to speak with for a variety of reasons.  If I list them, it would be a bit time-consuming. But, there is one thing that I do understand, which is that we as human beings have the ability to make contact with anyone we choose when we are in the dream state; as long as they are physical being. While we can summon, or hold a spiritual being and while unconscious, we can communicate with those spiritual beings.  We do this all the time through the force of our willpower, mostly done unconsciously. However, with some awareness and training, this ability can be harnessed and controlled.

What is the greatest dream you have ever had? (If you do not dream, share something great that has happened in your life.)

I cannot label any one dream as being the greatest dream. Whenever I think that one dream was greatest, there is always another dream that tops it. You’ll see some of them recorded in my dream journal at www.trugeorge.com

 Do you believe that dreams have a purpose?

Absolutely, all dreams have some sort of purpose. What is the purpose, depends on what is going on in your life, your mental development, state of mind, and perhaps spiritual level.

You may find answers to dilemmas that is happening to you at any given time. Dreams may soothe you while you are in distress. However, it can also give you nightmares, it all depends on whether you’ve has a traumatic experience or a great experience during your daily life. Dreams may even entertain us as well as put us on the right path according to our plans.  

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  1. Hi True George! It’s nice to read your response, and I really enjoyed it! It’s definitely okay that you are a little late *smiles*. I will definitely have to read your dream journal because I am fascinated by dreams. I have thought a few times about keeping a journal of the ones that I remember. I think journaling is a great way to figure things out in life. Thank you so much for sharing what and how you dream. I like how you describe the portals and other realms. I have often felt deja vu comes from our dreams and past lives. Have a great week! It’s nice to meet you.

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