When it comes to solar flares, there are a lot of controversial theories out there. There are a lot of reports that just create fear. Reports such as those that say that the sun’s solar fares will impact life on earth.

True_George has seen reports stating that the sun is due to have a massive solar storm and the resulting flare is likely to hit the earth’s surface causing a lot of damage, which includes GPS and internet disruption. As well as a loss of life.

Reports stating that this massive solar storm is due to take place some time in the future. But then again, reports surfaced that reported that massive solar storms that was supposed to have impacted life on earth as already taken place.

It is purported that NASA has recorded the largest of those solar storms that produced a killer flare to have been taken place in 2001. Most recently another one took place in September 2018.

So, what happened? Well, this time around it is being said that there was some intervention that saved the earth from experiencing any damage that a massive solar flare could cause. We are not talking about divine intervention.

The government has technology that has documented the intervention; however, the government has taken steps to hide the fact from the public. They done this by closing the observatories around the world.

But we need to think, did Russia, or China close their observatories? I don’t think so, but then again, it has already been proven that the world’s leading powers cooperate with each other concerning the cover-up of the existence of extraterrestrials. Cooperation that puts the United Nations efforts to politically unite the world’s powers to shame.

Thank heavens, that here are those on the inside that leak information disclosing what the governments are concealing.


  1. That last solar flare did actually cause me some problems – it was the night before I went away and, just before bed, I went to recheck my solar installation to ask the computer in the inverter how my battery state etc. was and found it had gone down. I tried to get it back up but couldn’t and had to wait a week or so for the engineer to come out and reset it for me. Luckily, everything was still generating and battery-charging etc. – just I couldn’t see what was going on!


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