This or That

EM Sunday Rambling # 4

This or That

Giving my two cents on today’s Sunday ramblings.

Glass half full or glass half empty?

My answer is neither.

Whether the glass is half full or half empty; it amounts to the same thing.

I like to think in this term; “my head is anointed and my cup runneth over…”

Train or Airplane?

Naturally airplane.

You’ll get to the destination faster…

Sneakers or Dress shoes?

It depends on the occasion.

Sneakers when wearing casual clothing. Dress shoes when wearing a suit, or at the gov’t office where I work as a gov’t bureaucrat.

See the Future or change the past?

Neither, some things should be off limits. What is to be must be.

Changing the past won’t necessarily mean a better future. Seeing the future won’t necessarily mean that you can change it.  

Test The Waters of Dive in the deep end?

In my younger days, I would just head in deep waters without any concern. Nowadays, the waters are tested before being fully committed


    • If you think in the line of destiny; then whatever you do won’t change your future.
      But if you think in the line of probability, then there can be multiple out comes to one’s future. It hinges on the decision you make at a critical moment,


  1. Good morning, TrueGeorge! Sorry I am just getting to your answers to the this or that ramble! Life happens for me sometimes.

    I enjoyed reading your answers. I should probably think the past and future are off-limits, but sometimes you wonder I suppose.

    I like your first answer as well. I forgot about that quote. It’s a good way to look at life in general.

    Have a great week! I spent some time reading your dream interpretations, and I will be commenting on some of them soon.

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