Unwanted Tenants

The beginning of this experience is too distorted to make conscience sense. It had something to do with an apartment that was available in my father’s house. There was a conflict, a tenant was supposed to leave, but instead of leaving, the tenant stayed, so he had to be evicted.

The apartment was put up to rent, but then my father decided to give the apartment to any family member who wanted it.

My little brother had first dips on the apartment, he wanted to move from where he is living, perhaps he thought that he could get over on my father and pay cheaper rent.

My brother, my father, and me went to the building, to inspect the apartment. My father and I were in the living room area, and my brother went to inspect the other parts of the apartment.

Then he came back to the living room and told my father that he no longer wants to move into the apartment. My father and I were baffled. I asked my brother, “I thought you wanted the apartment.” My brother said, not anymore. When he said that the closet in the living room mysteriously opened, as though someone was inside it, and was coming out.

We never paid it any mine, but I swear that there was an unseen force that was in the closet listening to our conversation, and when my brother announced that he no longer wanted the apartment, the force left the living room, or wanted to make its presence known.

Since my brother didn’t want the apartment anymore, I decide to take it. But I wanted to see what condition the other rooms were. So, I started to go through the apartment.   

When I got to the master bedroom, I found it ironic that the master bedroom resembled my bedroom in the real world. When I went into the master bedroom, towards the drapes that separated the room into two parts.

I made an attempt to go through the drapes, to the second half of the room, but I found that I could not go through it. I was being pushed back and held in place. Whoever, or whatever was there did not want me to go any further.

I got fed up and pulled the drapes down. When the drapes fell to the ground, I saw the outline and faded presence of a couple. A man, and a woman. They did not want me to go any further in the room.

No words were exchanged, I could sense they disapproved that I was there, and they wanted me gone. Each time I took a step towards the second half of the room, the spirits were pushing me backward, hindering my movement forward.

Now, I understand, why my brother didn’t want the apartment anymore. He must have been intimidated by the presence of these spirits.

Maybe my brother didn’t have an understanding of how to deal with spirits who are invasive and don’t belong where they present themselves.

Well, I’m not my brother, and these spirits cannot intimidate me. Since this will become my living space, I imposed my will over these spirits, so now it was a battle of wits between me and the spirits.

But, I have the advantage of generating energy, and that and the sheer imposition of my will, I claimed ownership of the apartment and told the spirits that they are not welcome, and to get the hell out of here. That they need to find their way into the light.

After a while, they disappeared, and I was able to walk around in the room. But then, I found that a dense shadowy figure was standing in front of the windows and was watching the battle of wits between me and the spirit couple.   

I did not know what to make of that being. It looks like that I won’t be able to get rid of that spiritual being so easy. Perhaps it is an instigator or higher form of earth-bound being.

Maybe moving into this apartment wasn’t such a good idea after all.

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