For this experience, I saw that I was with MA; someone I am talking to, perhaps we can develop some sort of a relationship. I am pondering the thought of whether to pursue it because as a Muslim single female she wants to do the right thing when it comes to obeying her parents. Sometimes, I think she doesn’t make any decisions or even make a move without their consent.

 A woman like that really doesn’t offer much.  Unless you want to marry them, groom them, and help them grow. The only thing one can do with a woman like that is having sex with them. Because that’s the only thing that they are good for.

Just the other day, she said that she was on a Muslim dating app; and some guys in Afghanistan were looking to start a relationship. She is contemplating going to Pakistan and crossing over to Afghanistan when she takes a family trip to India this summer.

I said “what! Are you kidding me?” I asked her don’t you know what’s happening in Afghanistan now.” In fact, my thoughts were that ISIS is still recruiting women. I didn’t tell her that this is one of the tactics that ISIS does to recruit potential wives for their fighters. Given that some ISIS fighters won’t have a long life span; and that the widows are passed onto other fighters, that once she crosses over to Afghanistan, they won’t let her come back.  

I didn’t tell her all that, in part because I can’t believe she would be this dumb. I hope she is only pulling my leg. I only told her that the American troops are no longer there and that the Taliban are in charge now. That things are unstable there right now. I also told her, that those men in Afghanistan in those dating apps deceive women, and that once the woman meets them, they won’t allow them to leave so easily.  

But once she expressed surprise that the American troops are no longer in Afghanistan, this is when I realized that this woman may have to learn the hard way.

If I decide to move in on the pussy, I will have to do it in the next few weeks, that is if her dumb ass don’t turn me off.

Ok, let’s get back to the dream experience. Somehow, I was taking a trip with MA. I was in a car rental because my car was parked up in a garage. It was too much trouble to get it out. But to my surprise, the rental car was driven by my older brother P.

He dropped me and MA off at some sort of office. I wasn’t too sure what kind of office it was. When me and MA went into the office, we were in some sort of waiting room. I had papers to fill out. The waiting room looked like a living room.

We were sitting on the couch, and while we were waiting for someone to take the papers, one thing led to another, and we started to make out. This progressed to the decision to have sex.  

We didn’t want to have sex in that living room; the office had bedroom accommodations. I went to the receptionist and asked for a bedroom.

The receptionist took us to a door when I opened the door, it was for a bathroom. I told the receptionist, I didn’t say “bathroom! I said bedroom!” The receptionist said, “oh! I thought you said bathroom.” Then the receptionist took me to another door; this door led to a bedroom.

When I checked the bedroom door lock, I saw that the lock was not working. You can still open the bedroom door from the outside, even though the door was locked from the inside.

I told the receptionist that this is no good. That I don’t want to be disturbed. The receptionist told me that there is a deadbolt on the door. That I should use it if the lock does not work.  

I closed the door and locked it with the dead bolt, so that MA and I won’t be disturbed. We continued to make out, and as I was kissing her, I took her to the bed.

When I got to the bed area, I saw that there were windows. The windows had an outside view of the office; so I put the blind down so nobody could see our activity.

When me and MA were taking off our clothes, I heard the room door open. I went to see what was happening,

Another receptionist opened the door and was bringing someone else into the bedroom. I didn’t know how that receptionist opened the door when the deadbolt was engaged. All that was said was that they can open the door no matter what.

I told the receptionist that she would have to take the dude to another bedroom because this one is occupied. So, she told the dude that she was bringing into the room to wait until another bedroom is not occupied.

After the door was closed and the deadbolt locked again, I and MA resumed making out, but then the door was opened again. This time another receptionist opened the door, and she had two flight attendants with her.

The flight attendants and the other person were supposed to be sharing the bedroom. I supposed they think that me and MA will be sharing the bedroom with them.  

I said, “what the fuck!” I told MA to put back on her clothes because we can’t have sex here, these motherfuckers are bringing people into the bedroom.  We’re leaving; there is no privacy here, we don’t have to put up with this nonsense.

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  1. It’s amazing how little some people know about what’s happening in the world. I don’t even watch the news (I don’t have a telly anyway) but you see headlines on the internet and it’s always easy to keep up with what’s going on. Her life will be over if she goes to Afghanistan – she’ll be alive but not ‘living’ as it were!

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