Fragment of Imagination

            During the late night after coming back home from the second gig, watching a little T.V and checking the foreign exchange news, it was time to get some rest.

After relaxing it wasn’t too long before I experienced the body asleep, mind awake condition. Something that I haven’t experienced lately.

I could hear my rhythmic breathing as the body laid rested. However, my mind was completely awake.

But, then I heard footsteps something, that I heard before, then I felt that there was a presence in the room. In fact, there were two presences. I felt that I was being examined. This isn’t something new. That feeling the presence of extraterrestrials carrying out a physical exam.  

This time instead of being prodded with pins and needles, I heard something that sounded like Velcro, then a strip was placed on my chest.

Feeling that I am being violated, I took offense and began to resist as usual. Once the strip was placed on my chest, I used my astral arms to remove the strip by tearing it off.

The second extraterrestrial presence attempted to restrain my astral arms, but it wasn’t successful. There was a brief struggle, but I prevailed in keeping them at bay.

I couldn’t help but think that the extraterrestrials did not put up much of a fight this time around. Maybe because there were only two of them as opposed to having four or five of them like before.

I’m not sure how long it was before the body and mind was back in synch again. Usually, it is within forty-five minutes. In any event, the body was awake, this is when I began to ponder that many a times, when the body is asleep and the mind awake, how is it that I perceive the presence of being a subject of a physical examination by extraterrestrials.

It got me thinking about the times when I experienced sleep paralysis. That when one wakes up before the body releases the sleep paralysis, that there is a presence that someone, or something has entered the room to do some harm. A common experience for anyone who has experienced the phenomenon of sleep paralysis.

Except for in my case, with time and understanding, I have overcome this issue, and nowadays, when I do experience sleep paralysis, I dismiss the notion that a presence entered the room, because it is only a fragment of imagination. So, it is a non-issue as far as I’m concerned.

Then there was a time when I started meditation and experiencing full body relaxation to the point where astral projection takes place. One of the things that I was working on was raising my vibrations to get rid of extra physical attachments.

With that came a period of the unknown (at that point in time) maybe it was an attempt by extra physical beings to discourage my spiritual development. Inducing something out of fear each time I reached new heights.

One of the things that was happening was seeing shadowy arms coming out the walls, grabbing at me attempting to discourage meditation, and working on my inner self.

Yet, as scary as it seemed, I came to the realization, that maybe the shadowy arms are a fragment of my imagination, that it all can be controlled. The next time the shadowy arms came out of the wall, I simply made them disappear, and those shadowy arms have not been seen since.

So, now I have concluded that feeling the presence of extraterrestrials conducting a physical exam could be a fragment of imagination.

The bigger question here is how is it that the subconscious is running wild, like hulkamania, producing something like this. Anyway, True_George, knows what to do the next time this type of experience happens again.

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