This experience was interesting, I wonder if there is a hidden meaning to it; or is it that my subconscious constructed this scenery in response to the question of, “I wonder what my graduating class looks like now.”  I am curious, I ran into a few of social media, they post a bit about their lives and we speak once in a while. But there are some that I have not seen since High school and would like to know what’s going with them.  

So now, this experience started out with some sort of scenery of a high school reunion, the scenery was a photo shoot. It looked like a stage where chairs were set up for the alumni to sit. In fact, it looked more like a band stand with three steps leading up to the stage.

 I got to the location early when there wasn’t too much people there. I managed to park my car on the second step of the stage, a couple of feet away from the chairs that were arranged for the alumni to sit on.

As the high school mates trickled in I felt the presence of familiar people who I had known in high school. HB a friend of mine, and my rival DB. There were some others who I felt that I knew, but wasn’t sure who they were because their face appeared blurry. I sat among them.

Then I saw some of the Teachers showed up, since my car was present right in the sight of the chairs, they decided to use my car to place the documents that they had in their hand. Then they started to pass around final test scores.

It is ironic because I didn’t see my final test score in the last English class I had before leaving High school. But I knew I passed the exam because I was allowed to graduate.  In this experience I received my test papers of my final math exam. I saw that I barely passed, but the score was enough to allow me to graduate.

I looked at HB and said  “I passed Algebra 1 in the first marking period in ninth grade and was put in Algebra 2 in the 2nd marking period; but then spent the next four years trying to pass that fucking class.” We laughed about it

Then I saw a limousine pull up and parked bumper to bumper in front of my car. I did not see who exited out the limo; then another limo pulled up, this one parked bumper to bumper in the rear of my car.

A big cake was taken out of the rear limo. As the chairs began to full up with familiar faces from my high school years. I saw the Teacher and two other of his aides were in my car, I saw that the interior of the car resembled the 1992 Nissan Maxima that I used to own. The Teacher and his aides were playing one of my cassette tapes.

The events in this scenery did not progress any further, there was a change of scenery; another dream, but it is unfortunate that I cannot consciously recall it….

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