Taking The Elevator

            Who could imagine that there are things that is associated with an elevator; perhaps I may need to look up what it means to dream about elevators? I just need to find time to do some sort of research and come up with an evaluation that pertains to the events, or lack of it surrounding my life.

 I found myself in a high rise waiting for the elevator. When I got on the elevator, the doors closed, I pressed the button to go down. The elevator did not move. So, I felt the need to get out of the elevator. I didn’t want to become trapped inside, I also didn’t see an emergency button to press, you know the one that all elevators have just in case it gets stuck between floors. Plus, I didn’t want to be in the elevator in case it goes into a free fall.

I saw that the top of the elevator was open and that I could climb out of the elevator. After I climbed out the elevator, It occurred to me that I was pressing the button to go to the first floor. But I realized that the floor count started from the top of the building going down. In this high rise the first floor started from the top. It was the floor one story below the roof. So, I was already on the first floor.

I pressed the elevator door button so that the door can open allowing me to go back in the elevator. But instead of the elevator doors opening. The whole elevator became horizontal swinging itself outward until it was on top of the roof.

It was kind of like a lid; there was now a space where the elevator was, and being in a Highrise, the wind and cold air engulfed the lobby.

Then there was a shift in scenery; I was in the lobby with some people. It seems we were travelling because we had suitcases. The elevator came, my friends got on the elevator with their luggage. But I was in the process of picking up my luggage when the elevator doors were closing.

It looked like my friends tried to keep the elevator doors open and telling me to hurry up. They couldn’t keep the elevator doors open too long. The doors closed before I could pick up all of my luggage. I just told my friends that I would meet them later.

I didn’t see or felt that I ever got on the elevator to go to where I was supposed to go. It was just a recurring theme and being in an elevator that didn’t go anywhere.

Either, the elevator was stuck, or that I was trapped in it, but I found a way out of it without the maintenance crew giving a hand.

Yeah, I guess I should ponder about this one.

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