K-9 Attack

I saw that I was in my building with an unidentified female. Perhaps a girlfriend, or side piece. We were involved in some sort of an altercation, but this experience never showed the altercation, I know that there was an altercation because it is the feeling and somehow the dream narrative let you know the unseen details. The thing that stood out of all this is that the altercation climaxed with me killing a man.  

After I killed the man, I was an emotional wreck. I went up to my apartment, and I told my girlfriend what happened and that I am going to call the police.

When I went to use the telephone, it was a blue rotary phone that looked like one that my grandmother used to own.

I dialed 911 and soon as I did that, there was a knock on the door. The police showed up even though I never even spoke to the 911 operator.

When I opened the door; it was a cop that I knew, so I knew I wouldn’t have a hard time being arrested.

I was being taken down the stairs, I was walking in front of the officers. While I walked down the stairs, the female officer told me to hold a riot shield in front of me. She said if I walk down the stairs without an officer the police dogs will attack me. I needed to carry the shield in front of me to ward off the police dogs preventing them from biting me.

Once in the lobby, I saw my brothers. My younger brother was supposed to do something and take the cat to the vet. But he never did what he was supposed to do.

For some reason, he couldn’t take the cat to the vet, he had to go somewhere. He was going to leave the cat in the lobby. I didn’t want him to leave the cat in the lobby because the cat would get attacked by the police dogs.

I told the officers that I’m going to take the cat upstairs and put him back inside the apartment so that he would be safe.

The cops allowed me to do it, but I still would have to take the shield with me so that I wouldn’t get bit by the Police dogs.

But the cat’s leg was hanging in front of the shield, and one of the dogs grabbed a hold of the cat’s leg. There was a big commotion with everyone hitting the dog so that he would let go of the cat’s leg.

The dream ended abruptly so I don’t know the outcome whether the Police dog let go of the cat’s leg or the dog ripped off the cat’s leg…

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    • A side piece is another name for the “other woman.” You may call her the mistress, homewrecker, jump off. Basically she is the man’s other woman who is available when the main woman isn’t.
      Yeah, everything clicks in some sort of manner in the dram world…


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