Nosey Reporter Assault

There were some distortions in this experience. Yet parts of this experience were clear. The whole thing was about some kind of organized criminal group. The group was involved in robbing or extorting casinos and legal bookies.

An investigative reporter was on the case, the reporter is an exceptional beautiful woman. The funny thing about this is that her face didn’t have any features that looked similar to anyone that I know. In fact, I didn’t see a face but a fully developed body with curves in the right places and long hair.

Now as my mind is going back and reliving this experience. I can say that the reporter looked a bit like my girlfriend NR.

Now, some members of the group were in progress of shaking down a casino, the female investigative reporter followed them, as I observed the events unfolding, I saw the woman attempt to covertly infiltrate the group.

But she was unsuccessful, to some group members she was obviously not supposed to be where she was. Even though the reporter was pretending to be a groupie, but it didn’t work. She was recognized and the group boss wanted her dead.

I saw that the reporter was trapped in a staircase; and I observed one of the men who was tasked to kill her  being aroused and instead of murdering the reporter, he wanted to have sex with her instead. Since she was going to die, he didn’t bother with the formalities of getting consent from the woman, he just went ahead and had his way with her.   

The point of view shifted, and I was observing the unconsented sexual advance. The would be killer started rubbing his penis on the woman reporter’s leg, and the seminal fluid (pre-cum) from his penis streaked on the woman’s inner thighs, and the man started pulling her panties and started rubbing it on the woman’s clitoris before inserting it inside the her vagina.

As soon as that man’s penis entered the woman’s reporter’s vagina, one of the other members of the killer squad came into the stair well, and when he saw what was happening, he stopped the sexual assault by punching the perpetrator in the head.

Then he shouted at the man, “you fool, you were told to kill this nosey reporter, not fuck her. Now, they will know who killed her when they extract your DNA.”

After the woman was killed, the killer decided to get soap and water to wash the streaks of seminal fluid that was stained on the woman’s leg and wash around and inside the dead woman’s vagina. Then he said, “this dead woman won’t tell no tales…”

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