Drilling Operation

This experience started out with a scene at some sort of construction site. A drilling operation was in progress, but something went wrong, so the construction bosses had to get some specialists from America.

The place where the events took place was somewhere in South America, or an unknown region, but the subconscious assigned it as South America; so it wasn’t the actual south America that we know South America to be.

I saw the location on a map, the outline of the territory looked like the tip of Argentina, with Chile of the left side.

As the aircraft came down to the construction site and observed the damage the drill had done. For some reason the construction crew could not raise the drill and if they stopped the drill, it would cause the ground to shake.

There was a crude machine that looked like the wheels of a locomotive train with a belt around the wheels, it was the driving force of the drill.

But the drill hit a snag, the pressure that built up climaxed, and the reaction was that cracks appeared on the brick walls and concrete foundations of unfinished structures. The thing is that the cracks appeared on the bottom of the structures.

The shaking from the pressure was getting worse; then the specialists came up with an idea. It was to put another drill a couple of feet next to the original drill.

After the second drill was set up and turned on, the machine that drove the drills used a bit more power, it was running faster than usual, and it looked like that it would break down. The construction bosses thought the operation was going to be a failure.

But then when the second drill reached a certain depth, the machine that drove the drills started  to stabilize and began using less power, until it got back to the correct power usage and speed.

At the same time, the pressure equalized, and the ground stopped shaking. Making the operation successful.

When nighttime came. the construction crews and laborers went home for the evening. This woman was tasked to host the specialists, and she allowed the specialists to stay at her house.

The house was at the base of a lake. It was a house built for one person, it had no back or front yard, just a drive way. The neighbor’s house was right next to it. All across the entire block there were similar looking one person houses. They looked like luxury homes, some even had glass French doors. But inside was just like a large studio apartment, no basement or 2nd floor.

It was mentioned; or rather a feeling that communicated that the workers work hard, often working under difficult conditions, but at least when they are off, that they have a place to relax.

Looking out at the lake that was at the base of the woman’s house. She was asked if she have problems with flooding.

Then I observed that everyone was asleep in the house; Then the scene changed, and I was laying down in a sleeping bag looking up at the celling. When I was looking up, I saw the house had no roof, and I could see the stars in the night sky. A glider appeared in the sky, the glider had no wings and it was going to crash land.      

After the body of the glider crashed, I saw the detached wing, and it was falling directly into the house, in the living room where everyone was sleeping.

Apparently, I alerted everyone, but no one was moving out the way fast enough. Before the wing hit the house the scenery changed.

Now the specialist team was about to board an aircraft to go to some unknown destination, but there was not enough room for everyone.

Four people got on, but, when the aircraft took off, it crashed into a body of water. Everyone abord the aircraft was killed. Even the female hosting the specialists was confirmed dead.

They were buried, but I needed to get out of the area and go back to where I came from. An Argentine pilot was assigned to fly me out. But Argentina has no experience pilots; I was told by an unknown, voice, or rather the subconscious conveyed that this particular pilot had completed eight missions making him somewhat experienced. Why and how that number of eight missions came up, is unknown.

When I was waiting for the pilot, I heard from other faceless characters in this experience that the pilot got arrested. Apparently, he was a grave robber, taking objects that described as “devil dolls.” Apparently, dolls were placed on the graves of the Americans specialists who were likely killed when the glider’s wing came crashing down to the house. Well, at least that is the conscience sense that I came up with. The pilot was going to graves and taking the dolls that was left for the dead at their grave site. He was caught and paid the price.

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  1. And all I had was a nice little dream with both Joey Belladonna out of Anthrax (who I think is gorgeous – or at least he was last time I saw him – and he was being pretty nice to me in the dream 🙂 ) and also a dancing seal. I was very sorry when the alarm clock went off for work!

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