The Waiter

Sometimes I wonder how the unconscious decide what kind of dream experience to construct. Whether that construction is based on reality or fantasy, or whether a fragment of a past or future life is being revealed. Well, this latest one was concerning me having achieved some sort of celebrity status in a field where I represented some people.

It all started when I saw images of me going back to my hometown. I saw the family that lived across the road from where I used to live as a youngster. That family’s mother used to baby sit me and my siblings after school. I saw that one of the members of that family owned a restaurant and I was invited there to give the restaurant some publicity to attract new customers.

While I was in the restaurant sitting down having a meal with a group of people; AH, someone who I know when while growing up was working at the restaurant as a waiter.

AH and I had a conflicted relationship, in which I used to beat him up many times. AH still resented the fact that I used to beat him up. Perhaps he thought I had the same attitude that I had back in those days.

When I ordered a drink of rum and coke; AH  was tasked to bring it to me. I doubt that it was known that we knew each other. While he was bringing me the drink, he spat in it before he brought it to the dining area.

When I got the drink and was about to sip it. I saw the spit floating in the drink. I became angry and I stood up and threw the drink in his face.

A commotion ensued, and the Paparazzi camera lights were flashing. The cops came and cleared out the restaurant and both me and AH were taken into custody and given a ticket to appear in court.

In the meantime, before the court appearance, that AH went to the media telling them that I was not the person they think I am, that my attitude was not that of a caring person, or the humanitarian that I am known to be.

He was trying to drum up some sort of support and get some influence over public opinion. Perhaps to embarrass me or get a sense of justice, maybe he was jealous of my achievements, or  he was still sore that I used to beat him up, and wanted some revenge, even though the beatings happened years ago during grade school.

When we got to court, the Judge decided that the case did not warrant any criminal charges and dismissed the charges for both of us.

Then the paparazzi and news crews surrounded me for a press conference. I had some explaining to do. I told them about how I knew AH when we were children. That he thinks that I have the same attitude that I had when I was an adolescence. Despite that I had not seen him in many years.

I explained that in as much as people who knew someone as a child, that they only will see you as what you were and not as you are now. So, AH acted accordingly.

So, if someone you knew from an early age when you had a different attitude and behaved differently, before you had life’s experience that allowed for a change of attitude, mentality and maturity. Transforming you far from being what you were then to what you are now; despite what’s in front of their eyes they will only see you has you were when you were peers.  

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  1. I think that I wouldn’t forgive anyone who had beaten me up at school either and wouldn’t even think of considering whether they’d changed. I’m a revenge sort of person so would still be angry if I saw them again.

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    • No mentally healthy to hold grudges.
      I don’t hold grudges or go out of my way to seek revenge; but then again, I have not been subjected to being beaten up either.
      Its ironic that while growing up even with those whom I call friends, at some point we’d have a fist fight…

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      • Well I haven’t been beaten up as such – plenty of people used to start on me but I used to finish it! They learnt not to do it again. But plenty of people have pissed me off in other ways and I literally never forget. I ‘write people off’ for very little nowadays as I really can’t be bothered – any little thing and they’re out.

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        • Looks like we have similar experiences, I’ve served my right hand to many bullies who thought they can get the best of me. As time went on the fight became less physical and started to become psychological, one of the reasons I started to study human behavior. I’ve cut off a lot of people from my life; after getting some sort of awareness, I discovered that a lot of people I called friend and use to break bread with, really were not my friends. To this day I even opt out of old time sake gathering with them. I forgave them for the stuff they did cause holding grudges won’t serve me. But I have nothing to do with them anymore. If I see anyone of them, its hi and good bye I’m busy.

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