The Boondocks

In this experience, I saw images of some type of field, it was in some boondock in the middle of nowhere. A truck pulled up, and me and some colleagues of mine got out of the truck. I’m not sure if we were on a training mission. But I know we were there doing some type of survey.

It was night and we set up pup tents, when the morning light appeared, there was a sudden appearance of a crude wooden shack. Then three more similar structures appeared.

In one of the structures, there was someone preparing breakfast. That structure served as a canteen, serving the inhabitants of the other structures.

Me and the group that I was with went into that canteen and had breakfast. When we finished and went back outside. I saw that additional wooden structures appeared. We realized that we were in a small village. The people in the village wanted to be far away from the city.

When we looked across the field  we can see the out skirts of a city that was far away.   There was a remark that there is no desire to have contact with the city.

 I was speaking with someone, whose appearance was unrecognized to me. Me and that figure were standing on a wooden platform over a small body of water. There was some talk about the water that will be coming back.

When I looked across the field again, I saw that there were two dry riverbeds. One on the left and the other on the right. The man said that it is better to start buying rights to the water ways. The towns people were skeptical because the water body has been nothing but a pond for quite some time.

For some reason, the scene appeared as though I was looking back over to the field. This time I saw the river beds filling up with water, then it receded back to a pond level.

The village inhabitants had some sort of meeting about buying the water rights, the village residents were not interested. The figure that I was speaking with earlier was not discouraged, since the village residents did not want to buy any water rights, the figure decided to take the opportunity and buy up the available land, all because he somehow knew that the waters were coming back.

Then lord behold, the waters came back filling up the dry riverbeds. So now some of the land that was dry is now under water. Residents were upset that they didn’t buy any water rights. But they got even madder when they found out that the figure had been buying up all the empty fields. He is now the largest landowner in the village.

Then there was a shift of senary to one of the wooden structures. Inside this particular structure a woman was being visited by extraterrestrial aliens. They gave her a brief case full of money. The reason why she was given the money was never revealed.

Then the figure who brought up all the available land appeared in her structure. An argument ensured and then she took out a shot gun and shot the figure in the chest.

Then I saw the appearance of a pre-teen boy, he tried to take the shot gun away from the woman, then the roof of the wooden structure they were in caved in. Falling down on the heads of the woman and the boy.

Then the next scene showed that the figure that was shot, the woman and the boy were put in separate coffins but they were buried together in the same grave.

It was revealed that the figure and woman were lovers, and that the boy was their son. Since they died together, then they were buried together.

What influenced this type of dream, I’m still pondering?

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