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E.M’s Sunday Rambling # 23

Hello E.M, yeah, I know I’m kinda late again posting on Sunday’s prompt during the week. But, life’s activities get in the way sometimes.

I’m glad that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, I stopped by my mother’s house, but couldn’t stay too long because I had to leave to fulfil my obligations at the second gig counseling at the support facility.  I felt a bit sorry for one of the residents whose three children were removed from her custody due to her mental capacity. She has lost all contact with them, and on this day was feeling a bit depressed and sorry for herself. A sad note, but on the flip side, no matter what takes place in your life that you feel is challenging, there are others who have it worse. It makes one feel humble that their life problems isn’t so bad after all.

Without further adieu, let’s get into this week’s theme: Your Blog.

When did you start your blog?

I started my blog on January 2, 2015. I started in part because the Yahoo group called Mindfocus that I created and was moderating was deleted by Yahoo with no explanation. At that point in time, Yahoo started to delete groups with themes on seduction, mind control etc.

Also, when I used to post on other platforms, if the moderator don’t agree with you, or people get upset over a post, it would get deleted or censored. So to get my thoughts and messages out without hindrance, I created the blog.  

I didn’t know which host to use, but I settled with Word Press because it was the first link that came up when I was doing a search to decide which hosting service to use. Being that it was the first link, I thought it might be a popular host.

Fortunate for me that my feeling were correct.   

  • Did you start with a theme, or did it come later on?

I didn’t have a theme per say, but the first post was an introduction of the blog’s purpose (click here to view it).

My intent was to write about the same subjects that was covered on my yahoo group, those subjects were: seduction (sexual & otherwise), mind control, the paranormal, hypnosis, astral projection, dreams, propaganda and influences on behavior.

But things evolved to include creative writing, and writing prompts put out by other bloggers. I also talk about my experiences while interning in a psychiatric facility and experiences serving in Iraq.

It led to the writing of four books. Look below at the end of this post, you’ll see the book covers, if you would like to purchase one click on the book cover.

Plus, I decided not to make any political posts, I didn’t want to politicalize the blog. It creates too much discord, and I didn’t want political events overshadowing the other topics. However, from time to time I do post stuff on political matters, although not frequently. I can’t remember the last time I did.

  •  What is your favorite post that you have ever written on your blog?

I don’t have any one favorite post; what I find is that if I put out a post on something that I like and maybe put a bit more effort and attention on that post, my thoughts and feelings are that readers are going to like it. But that post usually don’t do as well as I expected it to do.

But, on the other hand, when I post something that I think is lame, not really thought out, putting together crude ideas, or something that don’t really take an effort to create. Something random out of the blue. I get the biggest response, with people complementing me for a job well done.

I’m still figuring this one out.

  •  Do you share your blog with friends and family, or do you keep your blogging world separate from them?

At first when I started, I wanted to be anonymous, didn’t want to know how some family and friends would take it. In my experience there are some things that you can’t discuss with family or friends, especially if they don’t understand the stuff that you are talking about. Instead of giving encouragement, they tend to ridicule, negatively criticize and make jokes.

Perhaps they don’t want you to succeed, grow and evolve, where those same family and friends are stagnated. Perhaps they see you as the same person you were when you was ignorant in certain areas, but resent your growth because deep down they know that you would eventually make no time to spend with them.

Since Google hijacked media platforms and linking them together. It became harder to keep social media activities away from family and friends.

Plus, I wanted more exposure. So I let loose and started to share the blog content on my social media sites, reaching those who I know and those who I don’t.

  • What is the best advice you could give someone who is new to blogging?

I would tell them that the sky is the limit do and say whatever they want, take constructive criticism from others bloggers they tend to help you improve what you do.  

Click on book cover to get your copy


  1. I started my blog in Feb 2011 when I got kicked off my regular walking forum by the moderators for… wait for it… being cyber bullied! It was easier to kick me off than the several bullies who were hounding me (not without getting plenty back off me!). As you’d expect though, the bullies then selected someone else and, one by one, had to be banned anyway! The moderators of that site were complete incompetent (Walkhighlands).

    When I got kicked off, I was pretty annoyed that I’d created some great walk reports with some great photos (some weren’t as they were just illustrative) so I decided that the only person who was going to have rights to my writing and photos in the future was myself – hence I started the blog. On hillwalking the same as the forum had been. I got a lot of instant followers who found out where I’d got to and that I’d been banned from the forum – some even left the forum as they also thought the moderators were well out of order!

    I chose WordPress because my search came up with both them and Blogspot and WordPress looked a bit better. It was easy to set up and post on back then (I think with the new editor it’s no longer particularly intuitive or easy to use myself).

    I told my family and friends my blogging name and said to search for me if they were interested – some were, many weren’t. My family aren’t really online so I don’t have any of them reading.

    I have a couple of favourite posts – one was where I took my pedal bike to a Scottish ‘bothy’ (unlocked mountain shelter) on my own. This involved all sorts of things new to me like having to light a fire etc. As I wasn’t really used to using the bike for that kind of thing, the start of my trip was a major faff and two old gents out walking managed to stay ahead of me until they left my route – a few miles! They thought I was completely inept but it made for amusing writing/reading.

    My other favourite post is when I took a small inflatable boat 2 miles across a Scottish loch in very windy weather and rough water – only to turn straight back when I reached the far side as I thought that, over my 5 hour walk, the weather could get too bad to get back. When all the seasoned sailors heard I’d rowed a tiny inflatable across a loch in a storm, they were completely horrified! I have to admit that, as I did it, I thought it would make a great ‘scoop’… and so it did!

    I think the advice I’d give to bloggers is not to share their valuable ideas and content on public forums but to keep control of it and do it for themselves on a blog!


    • Yeah, I can relate, I was kicked off some forums due to members didn’t like what was said. One of the reasons why I started my original yahoo group.
      But even though you own your own content the host can still shut you down. I suppose one need to have their own internet server to avoid it.
      Wow, a 5 hour walk, that walking all day. I don’t think I ever walked for five hours straight. I did hikes over rough terrain but at tops the course took max 2 1/2 hours.


      • 5 hours is a very short mountain day in Scotland – many of the walks are 10 to 12 hours!

        I know WordPress or whoever can shut you down but at least you’re getting your own hits instead of generating hits for a forum. That way, if someone is googling a Scottish mountain, they’ve as much chance of coming to my blog (as it usually is in the first page on google) rather than, say, my ex-walking forum.

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  2. Hi George! Thank you so much for the Mother’s Day wishes, and it’s okay that you run behind on posting. I am usually running late on replies as of late 🙂

    Such a sad story about the resident, and sadly, I can relate. That’s a long story that I will maybe write one day, but it never feels good to be separated from your babies. It’s good that you were there for her. Mother’s day can be a hard day when you are not with your children.

    I like the introduction page and the way you came about writing your books by blogging. Prompts have led to my first novel that I am still working on, so it’s nice to see that the prompts from our WP community help in a positive way.

    Thanks for rambling with me and sharing your blogging journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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