Fishing Bait

            In this experience I saw that I was located in some type of barren field walking towards somebody kneeling down, he had a container that looked like a large Tupperware.

When I got close to him, I saw that he indeed had a large container in his hand. I could see what were in the container. It was filled with maggots.

I saw 3 giant maggots and little ones, and they were feeding on some type of rotten meat on a bone. At the same time the man was emptying the container by taking a hand full of maggots and throwing them on the ground.

Since the maggots looked like the ones that is used as fish bait, I told the man that he has some good fish bait. When the container was half full, the man decided to give the rest of the maggots to me.   

I closed the container and then the next scene appeared, it was at a lake. I walked past one angler; he was ankle deep in water. I went up further to be on the lake’s banks. A fishing pole appeared in my hands. Then I opened the container and took out one of the giant maggots and put it on the fishing hook.

One of the anglers asked me if that bait is going to work. I was confident it will, I told him if it didn’t work, why would a fish and bait shop sell maggots like these.

After I put the giant maggot on the fishing hook, I caste the fishing line into the middle of the lake; it wasn’t long before I got a bite.   

As I was reeling it in, I don’t know how big it was but I had a bit of a hard time. Then it started to rain. I was walking along the lake bank while reeling in the fishing line. Then when I came across the first angler that I saw earlier, he was still ankle deep in the water. When I stepped in the water, instead of being ankle deep, it was knee deep.

I was wearing dress pants, and the murky water ruined it. I had my sneakers on and the water soaked through, the sneakers and socks.  

I walked out the water back onto the lake’s bank, and headed to my car. When I finally got to the car and opened the doors, I put the fishing rod in the back seat; and put the container with the maggots underneath the car and I sat in the driver’s seat out the rain.  

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